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Thursday, November 12, 2009

BBC2 smitten by 'Nurse Jackie

U.S. laffer "Nurse Jackie" has been acquired by the BBC in a move likely to infuriate rival webs.

The Beeb will air the dark half-hour Showtime comedy, starring Edie Falco as the eponymous health-care worker, on BBC2, whose controller Janice Hadlow hailed the skein as "witty and intelligent."

She said: "I can't speak highly enough of 'Nurse Jackie.' I am thrilled to have it especially as the show boasts a great role for a woman."

"Nurse Jackie" is likely to bow in the U.K. early next year.

Of late "Heroes" and to a lesser extent "The Tudors" have proved popular for BBC2, but competitors like BSkyB think the pubcaster should be prevented from buying U.S. fare because it forces up prices.

Hadlow said she had nabbed the rights to "Nurse Jackie" at a press launch to unveil BBC2's winter and spring sked.

Highlights of the sked include three films that aim to provide fresh insight into President Obama.

"By the People -- The Election of Barack Obama," shown by HBO in the U.S., was funded in part by the BBC's much-regarded Storyville strand and helmed by Amy Rice and Alicia Sams.

Also upcoming are "Obama's America," the latest film fronted by historian Simon Schama, and "God Don't Live Here Anymore?" in which theologian and writer Robert Beckford assesses the impact of Obama as a politician and as a believer in "heartland America."

On a lighter note, BBC2 will devote an entire evening to Elvis Presley. Programs devoted to "The King" include "Elvis by the Presleys Uncut," a home-movie portrait of the star by his family, originally aired by CBS in 2005, and a documentary looking at what Presley did for Las Vegas, "Kingdom: Elvis in Vegas."


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