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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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Review of Chance Pe Dance Movie.

You chance upon a crowded dance in a film as the end credit rolls. Here, director Ken Ghosh opens with a dance and also ends with another. Not a bad way to begin a dance film.

CHANCE PE DANCE gives you a funky, Hollywood feel as the two main characters; Shahid Kapur and Genelia D'Souza are introduced. Its breezy flow, a funky and cool Shahid and 'cute chemistry' between the two add to the bliss. However, Ken is not able to maintain the momentum throughout. What must be said to his credit, however, is that he keeps the feel of the film on beat; soft and mushy. Though the end is predictable, it leaves you with a feel-good message... "Never quit, success is round the corner."

KHOYA KHOYA CHAND, LUCK BY CHANCE and now CHANCE PE DANCE have one thing in common - the Bollywood struggle. It's like watching NEW YORK and then viewing KURBAAN. Mercifully, CHANCE PE DANCE has it fundamentals in place and does not make an ass of its script.

Shahid is a struggler from Delhi who has been making the rounds of auditions in Mumbai for over three years, waiting for that one, elusive break that will propel him to stardom. As usual, there are heartaches all along the way. He is signed on for a huge project and before shooting can begin; he realizes that big money has been pumped in by a corporate house, which want to make their hunt on for a star a national debate. The director (Mohnish Behl), who was so impressed by Shahid, can do nothing in front of the money he has seen. However, if Shahid wants to be the star, he can participate, which he refuses.

He bumps into Genelia D'Souza, a choreographer, at a previous audition and both hit it off. While Mohnish Behl has signed Genelia as a choreographer, for the said project, she opts out and then urges Shahid to participate.

Meanwhile, Shahid has been thrown out of his rented apartment because he has failed to pay his rent, while his friend turned out to be a parasite. He ends up living in his second-hand car and lands a job as a dance teacher in a school, where he incidentally, does all his 'morning duties' as well!

Shahid puts in a sincere and honest performance. Genelia, restrains herself, intently keeping her role under Shahid's shadow. A very mature move. This girl is slowly climbing the popularity charts.

For a dance movie though, the dances could have been more bombastic. Honestly, this is just about OK stuff. Nothing stunning or "WOW". All Ghosh had to do was take a Chance on Dance! He doesn't. Remember Flash Dance and Dirty Dancing? They all worked because of the super chemistry between the lead players and stunning dances. There could have been one, if not two between Shahid and Genelia. Their pairing is perfect.

Rann Preview.

A Vistaar and Religare presentation of a Cinergy production, Ram Gopal Varma directed RANN is special because not just it looks at exposing media; it also brings back Amitabh Bachchan with Ram Gopal Varma after SARKAR RAJ. In addition, the film also boasts of an enviable star cast comprising of Paresh Rawal, Ritiesh Deshmukh, Sudeep, Mohnish Behl, Rajat Kapoor, Manisha Koirala, Gul Panag, Neetu Chandra, Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Rajpal Yadav and many others.

Moreover this much touted film is produced by Madhu Mantena, the man who produced the biggest money spinner of all times GHAJINI, and Sheetal Vinod Talwar.

This multi-starrer, which hits the screens worldwide on 29th January 2010, is being distributed in overseas by Studio 18.

In this fast paced drama from Ram Gopal Varma, the master director of SATYA, COMPANY, SARKAR and SARKAR RAJ, one sees a canvas of conflicting yet fascinatingly powerful shades of human character. This heady cocktail of suspense, high intensity and no-frill emotions, makes RANN an edge-of-the-seat drama-thriller that's not to be missed!


Vijay Harshvardhan Malik (Amitabh Bachchan) has over years been the embodiment of trust, honesty, ethics and responsibility to the entire nation. India's first private news channel, founded by Vijay, is the temple of 'true' journalism. He believes that while everyone is entitled to their opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts!

Pitted against him in the battle for corporate supremacy is Amrish Kakkar (Mohnish Bahl), a former employee at Vijay's channel. Amrish has, in a way, 'revolutionized' the business of delivering news. For Amrish, the media is a vehicle that he rides upon and maneuvers to deliver baseless entertainment. His channel is ruling in terms of viewership numbers.

Vijay is aware of his battle with Amrish's channel, but what hits Vijay is something he wasn't prepared for...

Jay Malik (Sudeep), Vijay's son and CEO, is desperately seeking a way to resuscitate his channel and get it back to the top slot. Jay is a go-getter who looks at his father's channel as an enterprise that must make profits. He cannot digest his rival's channel racing ahead and is set to hatch a major plan that would catapult his channel to the top.

Mohan Pandey (Paresh Rawal), a politician yearning to take the prime post of the country takes advantage of Jay's ambition. But the fulcrum of his plan rests on using Vijay's robust credibility!

They say that wars are won through deception...and this war was no different. Vijay's channel regains the number one slot with panache, as he ends up unearthing one of the most scintillating exposes in the history of Indian news.

Purab (Riteish Deshmukh) has always idolized Vijay as the epitome of truth and turns to a career in investigative journalism at Vijay's channel. The tension soars when he uncovers the truth behind the story that had taken Vijay's channel to the pinnacle. What happens when he confronts the Vijay with the real truth?

Does Vijay have the strength of character to fight between his principles of truth and the corrupt convenience that surround him? Will he be able to undo what he had mistakenly done?

Will Vijay fight the battle to expose the truth...even if it means fighting his own son?

Character Sketch:

Harshvardhan Malik (Amitabh Bachchan)
The founder of the first ever private news channel in the country INDIA 24/7, the Harvard-educated Harshvardhan Malik is India's most respected media personality. He is a hardcore upholder of journalistic ethics. No wonder his Channel is battling for survival!

Jay Malik (Sudeep)
A go-getter and highly aggressive and ambitious son of Harshvardhan Malik, Jay looks at his Dad's news channel purely as a business enterprise that must make profits to justify its existence. He hates that his competition is doing better than him.

Purab Shastri (Riteish Deshmukh)
Armed with a degree in journalism, Purab Shastri truly believes that the media should be the check point for the people of a country, and therefore, it should report news, instead of manufacturing news. Purab's thinking sets him apart from most youngsters of this country. While everyone is chasing their individual dreams, Purab aggressively wants to work towards a better India. Needless to say, a clash between Purab and the powers-that-be looks inevitable. It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong!

Mohan Pandey (Paresh Rawal)
It is every politician's dream to become the Prime Minister of his country. To that extent, the leader of the opposition Mohan Pandey is no different from his contemporaries. The only difference being - if the need arises, Pandey can and will kill to get the coveted chair.

Amrish Kakkar (Mohnish Behl)
Amrish Kakkar was the first to have the VISION and the foresight to realize that even the business of delivering NEWS can be made ENTERTAINING. Amrish therefore can be safely held singularly responsible for taking the television news industry to the dogs, or to the heights, depending on how you see it. His channel is no less than a shady brothel, the content that is NEWS is no less than a cheap hooker, and Amrish Kakkar - the most powerful pimp around.

Nalini Kashyap (Manisha Koirala)
Nalini Kashyap is the programming head of Harshvardhan Malik's news channel, INDIA 24/7. Having been in the industry for long enough, she has developed a practical view of how things operate here. And this comes in direct conflict with what her boss Harshvardhan Malik, thinks. Juggling the cut-throat world outside with the idealistic universe of her boss, Nalini Kashyap has her job cut out.

Naveen Shankalya (Rajat Kapoor)
Naveen Shankalya, apart from being the son-in-law of Harshvardhan Malik, is also one of the topmost industrialists of the country. Despite this, he is the most insecure man on earth, and won't rest till he becomes the number one industrialist in the country. His best buddy Mohan Pandey becoming the Prime Minister of India will surely help his cause.

Nandita Sharma (Gul Panag)
The assistant of an ad filmmaker, Nandita Sharma someday hopes to bag an independent feature film. She is in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend Purab. Nandita is smart, educated, and intelligent. She is also highly indifferent to what's happening in the country, and first thinks about herself and her man, before anything or anybody else. On both counts, she represents the youth of India.

Yasmin Hussain (Raima Sen)
An ex-model, and fiancee of Jay Malik, Yasmin watches TV, reads gossip columns, and for most part, takes everything that is dished out to her, AT FACE VALUE. She does not understand the intricacies of power games, and hidden motivations behind actions of people. The resources at her disposal to know what is true and what is not, are limited. She is not innocent, and she is not clever either. Yasmin therefore epitomizes the 'common man'.

Anand Prakash Trivedi (Rajpal Yadav)
A creative editor, Anand Prakash Trivedi has a knack for sensationalizing even the driest story and making it sound like the story of the decade with super catchy headlines. More than any filmmaker, he makes far better movies. Only, he calls them NEWS.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Karthik Calling Karthik Review.

There is no doubt that the hugely versatile actor, director, producer, singer and after ROCK ON!!, India's new rock star, Farhan Akhtar, has always brought out the best in the talented trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (Karan Johar being the other). SEL have always delivered classy music for Farhan (and his partner Ritesh Sidhwani), be it the memorable DIL CHAHTA HAI or the techno delight DON-THE CHASE BEGINS and the most recent ROCK ON!!, the astonishing success of which spurred a new trend of rock based music in Bollywood movies. Even though their last venture together, LUCK BY CHANCE, did not do too well at the ticket window, yet its music was amazing with some quality compositions that stood out. So, we set out to explore yet another outing from SEL after their soulful and soothing MY NAME IS KHAN, fully in the hope that our expectations will be met with by the highly talented team.

The album opens with ''Hey Ya!'' a superb propositioning number, a perfect combination of pop and rhythm and beats. The trend of hip-hop that Vishal-Shekhar started in Bollywood was perfected by the talented trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, who are now masters of the genre. The English prelude is the perfect beginning as it is extremely rhythmic and does not seem to be forced and blends superbly with the 'mukhda' of the song. The intermittent use of the prelude, ''Hey ya, I wanna get closer to you'' adds to the subtle charm of the number. The background music is in keeping with the light mood of the situation and therefore lots of soft percussion instruments have been used by the trio to give the song that feeling of blissful happiness of falling in love. The chorus is once again reminiscent of their DIL CHAHTA HAI title track. There are few who use the guitar and its variants as perfectly as the trio and this song too relies heavily on the stringed instrument. Shankar Mahadevan, Loy Mendonsa and Clinton Cerejo together create the magic through some excellent rendition. Javed Sahab's lyrics are routine and filmy but they suit the situation and are easy on the lips and identifiable as well. ''Hey Ya!'' is light on the senses and has everything that the youth of today will identify with and is also the right choice for the upcoming Valentine month when lovers look for the perfect assortment of romantic compositions as a gift for their valentine. ''Hey Ya! Remix'' by Digital Boyz is catchy and does not dilute the infectious beauty of the original.

For those not quite high on hip- hop, here's ''Uff Teri Adaa'', a superb, high on tempo and beats party track that will surely have the listeners grooving to its catchy rhythm. Shankar's background 'alaaps' and semi-classical rendition in the beginning are a perfect precursor to a highly charged dance track and one is reminded of their JHOOM BARABER JHOOM title track. Sure enough this composition has all the perfect ingredients to scale the heights of popularity charts much in the same manner as JBJ track and should certainly make the rounds of all happening clubs, discotheques and pubs. Alyssa Mendonsa's vocals are delightfully modulated through some digitized singing and she provides the necessary oomph factor in this happening track. Javed Sahab's lyrics are once again filmy, though one expected something out of the box from him. ''Uff Teri Adaa -Remix'' by Udyan Sagar(Nucleya) makes for a pleasant number which one does not mind hearing twice.

It's once again time to get all mushy and romantic as the next number ''Jaane Ye Kya Hua'' unfolds. The number is a soft, extremely melodious love ballad and the USP of the song is KK's brilliant singing. In fact, it appears that the song has been especially crafted keeping in mind KK's forte; high pitched singing. The gradual ascent of the song's pitch, from very low to a very high scale has been effortlessly handled by the artist and it's his sheer rendition that makes hearing this song a pleasure. The flowing chorus is also very addictive and the mouth organ has been brilliantly used in the background to create that effect of effervescent romance. However the song has selective appeal and cannot classify as a chartbuster. Javed Sahab's lyrics this time are befitting of his stature and the effort seems to be there to create something noteworthy. ''Tumhe hai pata, Maine pahli baar jo dekkha tumhein, Mujhe ye laga chahun bhi to kaise paa sakoonga tumhein.''

Kailash Kher's rich, earthy vocals are picture perfect to convey that feeling of sadness and loneliness in the aptly titled, ''Kaisi Hai Ye Udaasi''. The song may not appeal to those looking for another ''Tanhaai'' (DIL CHAHTA HAI) from the team, but this composition has its own beauty and touch. The song begins with soft flute notes and all throughout the music in the background is kept minimal and as a result the vocals of the lead artists, Kailash Kher and Sukanya Purayastha, come across loud and clear. Sukanya deserves a pat on the back for excellent soulful rendition and what must also be kept in mind is that through some effortless and classy singing the lead artists have succeeded in making the morose sounding song quite a treat to the ears. A situational number with limited appeal.

Up next is the strange title song, ''Karthik Calling Karthik'' which can also be classified as the theme song. The song commences with some telephone beep sounds and an array of thrilling musical addendums with mysterious female vocals urging 'pick up the phone'' and 'Karthik calling Karthik'' quite a few times. However, the song which showed much promise at the start, fails to deliver as the drama and thrill that was present in the initial parts vanishes as the main song takes over. The pace is too slow and not befitting of a thriller, although the musical orchestrations do convey that feeling of thrill. Suraj Jaggan, Caralisa Monteiro and Malika Singh pitch in with the English parts which mostly set the pace for a mysterious outing while Shankar Mahadevan comes in with the philosophical touch to the song. The singers no doubt do a good job and as the song is a situational one, a theme song to be precise. The lyrics too are reflective of the movie and one can get a gist of what to expect from the film.

''Karthik Calling Karthik theme remix'' by Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale is certainly a notch better than the original. The thriller aspect that took a beating in the original due to the slow, tedious pace is very much alive and kicking in this version and all credit to the innovative team who have always done a good job for S-E-L since their DON-THE CHASE BEGINS days.

It is Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale who end the album on a high note with the thrilling instrumental ''Karthik 2.0'' which is an adrenalin pumping ride. Composed, arranged, performed and produced by Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale, the heavy rock based piece places much emphasis on percussion and the drumming is a masterpiece act and provides just the right impetus to the instrumental. The crescendo that is reached is not the sort heard in today's time and climax is marvelous as the music comes to a grinding halt, followed by beep sounds. Definitely an instrumental that can be enjoyed during long drives and will be utilized during the tension filled moments of the thriller.

On the whole, the music album of Farhan Akhtar's KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK does not quite fulfill the expectations and except for a couple of songs, ''Hey Ya'' and ''Uff Teri Adaa'' which should climb the charts, the rest of the numbers are not in the same league. One expected more from the team that gave us such top quality entertaining music in DIL CHAHTA HAI, DON-THE CHASE BEGINS and ROCK ON!!, the songs which are still fresh in the minds of music buffs. However there is still something for the discerning audience who want something different from the usual and not just chartbusters. All the same in this milieu of mediocrity, the album does have some classy songs and is worth a try!

Film Striker Review.

STRIKER, a crime fiction tale about carom player (Siddarth) pitches out hot-blooded gripping anecdote, fictionalized in the underbelly of Mumbai city. For its low profile, bleak face value and zilch promotions, it will be difficult to expect anything that can be termed as musically astounding from it. Against all odds, it lauds out with as many as six different composers. In its packaging of eight original soundtracks, there is listing of composers like Shailendra Barve, Amit Trivedi, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Swanand Kirkire, Vishal Bhardwaj and Blaaze, delivering out the needful. Can the assortment of these potential musicians be able to pile up a reasonable score for the flick? Will this STRIKER be able to hit bull's eye...let's strike this out!

Shailendra Barve's prolific prowess over instrumentals makes surprisingly melodic start with somber ''Sufism'' with vocal delights of Sonu Nigam's enriching voice in ''Cham Cham''. The divine enlightening feel in textures of ''Sufism'' is analogous to Mithoon's ''Maula Mera Maula'' (ANWAR) but the tempo is rather decelerated with prolonged duration that carries slow pitched traditionally classical arrangements with vocals in tandem. Jeetendra Joshi's invigorating wordings about love and divinity brings out contours of subtlety in ''lovey-dovey'' moments. Presumably a background score exhibiting love-chemistry, this subtle-paced ''qawwali'' is another fine exhibit of Sonu's expertise on varying tones with ''classy'' feel attached to it. Barve's aesthetics plays to the galleries well with the flavor of the season (Sufism), getting embroiled well with the decorous romantic sentiments.

CHECK OUT: STRIKER teaches Siddarth how to strike

Lead actor Siddharth take over the mike for tuneful talking about the aspiring escapades in hustling-bustling city of Mumbai in ''Bombay Bombay''. Composed to be narrative background score, this Amit Trivedi's composition boasts of simplistic electronic arrangements with modest Prashant Ingole's wordings to support. It's a visual feel type of experimental number where music is just a ground support to jester out the sentiments.

Yuvan Shankar Raj, a renowned identity in South, comes with his characteristic Tamilian tuneful setting in emoting out situational average score ''Haq Se''. Yuvan along with Siddharth sings out with his peculiar baritones about the dreams and aspirations of the lead protagonist. It's an off beat composition and reminds of a couple of RGV's least heard tracks with minimal impact. Once again, it works more on experimental mode with an off beat melodic works that adds to the gripping moments of the flick.

Surprisingly, so as to speak, this time its lyricist Swanand Kirkire to take over baton of composer with all together feel of racy contemporary Sufi ''qawwali'' in ''Maula''. Kirkire showcases his vocal strength with setting of customary sounding ''qawwali'' feel-good impact. Like all previous tracks, it sounds of an effectual background score with hardly anything sparkling to discuss.

Siddharth as Surya:

Born in a poor family, Surya grows up with few luxuries. The fact that he is a weak child and is frequently unwell keeps him away from school often. While at home he is first introduced to carrom by his elder brother, Chandrakant.

Winning the Junior National Carrom Championship at 11 is not enough to keep the fire for the sport burning through adolescence. Getting a job in Dubai and moving there replaces the passion for the game as Surya grows in to a young man.

Forged by a bogus overseas employment agency, Surya loses all his hard earned money he had saved for going abroad. Reintroduced to the game by his street smart friend Zaid (this time to the hustling scene), Surya starts playing again to not let his circumstances get the better of him, but the other way around.

Aditya Pancholi as Jaleel:

The most dreaded gangster in Malwani, Jaleel is the quintessential anti-hero. Feeding on the bedlam and weaknesses of people, Jaleel has his hands in every law-breaking business conceivable. He spews venom in all directions, and his menacing presence creates fear in the hearts of Malwani's residents.

The flesh trade, drugs, extortion, robberies, etc; Jaleel has a piece in every pie. But his most favored vice is the gambling scene in carrom. A self-proclaimed connoisseur of picking the best in the game, nothing makes him angrier than when one of his handpicked players loses.

Ankur Vikal as Zaid:

Surya's childhood friend and most trusted ally, Zaid is someone with good intentions, but doesn't quite recognize the line between moral and immoral. The lack of a patriarchal influence in his life makes him vulnerable and gullible to evil influences around him.

The desire for quick money and a knack for being street smart; Zaid is fuelled by desire to fulfill his dreams with Surya of changing their circumstances in the near future. He gets involved with Jaleel's gang, thinking it will be as easy to get out, as it was to get in. He is unsure of mind, but is always clear about his loyalties, which are always with his friend.

In his attempt to find solutions to problems, he generally worsens the state of affairs. He is the trigger in creating confrontational situations in Surya's life. His tendency of making light of most scenarios wreaks havoc for both friends.

Anupam Kher as Inspector Farooque:

Inspector Farooque is unlike any other cop in the city. He is honest, tough and smart. Posted in Malwani to curb the ever-increasing crime rate, criminals in the area begin fearing him very quickly.

His goal is very clear- get rid of anti-social elements in the area one at a time. He is not afraid to try radical means to maintain peace in Malwani, even if it means compromising with the very criminals he wants to put down. He is well aware of the shortcomings of being in a society that is corrupt and insincere. But instead of allowing circumstances to frustrate or change him, he rises above and manipulates the same circumstances to do what is best for the people.

Farooque is one of the positive influences in Surya's life. It is because of people like him that Malwani does not explode in the vortex of communal and criminal violence through the many chaotic times seen by the city.

Nicolette Bird as Noorie:

Noorie comes into Surya's life like a breath of fresh air. Her family moves in across Surya's house. She comes from a conservative Muslim background, & Surya is immediately struck by her effortless beauty and innocence.

He has never been in love before, & her addition to his life propels him into action to figure out his future. Her sudden departure coupled with another mishap in his life leave him scathed for a long time to come.

Padmapriya as Madhu:

Madhu is a fisherwoman, who runs a bar and restaurant all by herself. She learns to shed all coyness to deal with the various sorts of customers that visit her bar. She handles her drunken customers with a cool and no-nonsense attitude.

Although Surya frequents her bar often, it is not until much later that he notices her. She treats Surya like any other customer at first. Their interaction begins at a time when he is defeated, broken and at rage with the world. She sees him at his lowest, and what follows is a relationship that is honest and mature

Akshay and Sonam Say Thank You.

The new on screen pair of Bollywood is Sonam Kapoor and Akshay Kumar. According to reports, Sonam Kapoor is in talks with director Anees Bazmee to be cast opposite Akshay Kumar in his next movie, titled Thank You. Akki is a best friend of Anil Kapoor and cannot stop praising Sonam and her acting skills.

A source also revealed that, “Thank You is a romantic comedy and will see Sonam in a totally different role.” Earlier the director was interested in casting Katrina for the role. However, her dates were clashing with her upcoming movie sequel of Dostana. This will not be the first time when Akshay and Sonam are considered together for a role. Sometime ago even Farah Khan was planning to cast Sonam in Tees Maar Khan instead of Katrina.

The movie Thank You will be on the floors by midyear and Sonam will be playing a double role. A close source to Sonam says, “It is a comic caper in true Anees Bazmee style. Sonam has already read the script but is still to make a final decision. At the moment she is in New Zealand shooting for I Hate Luv Storys.” When contacted, Anil Kapoor denied the news of Sonam doing any such movie with Akshay.

Good News For Aamir Khan's Fans.

Recently, at the success party of 3 Idiots, many people noticed that Aamir Khan did not drink alcohol. Even a couple of days earlier at his nephew’s engagement party, Aamir did not even have champagne. According to the news on January 1, 2010 Aamir decided to give up smoking and drinking for the rest of his life. Aamir said, “The next time I invite you home, I will treat you with beer, but I will drink nimbu paani.”

When asked him the reason for quitting drinking and smoking he says, “I just felt like doing it from within. There is no specific reason. Yaar I have put on 10 kilos in recent months. Also, sometimes, I tended to overdo the drinking bit. And I hate it when I feel unhealthy. Therefore, I just decided that I wanted to quit alcohol for life. As for cigarettes, I was never a regular smoker. But I have decided to give it up too.”

Ranbir Kapoor with Kobe Bryant BasketBall Player.

It was a dream come true for Ranbir Kapoor who met basketball player Kobe Bryant during the Lakers vs Knicks game.

Ranbir who is currently shooting with Priyanka in US for Anjaan Anjaani has always been a Basketball fan.

    A friend of Ranbir says, “Ranbir is a huge NBA enthusiast. He follows the game closely. When he found out that there was a game happening in New York, he immediately booked tickets and went for it.”

Ranbir also received Kobe’s jersey and giant sneakers.

Shah Rukh Khan and Shoaib Akhtar.

Owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, Shah Rukh Khan unlike colleagues Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta is not blaming Pakistan cricketers for making a brouhaha over the IPL issue, instead he believes that everything could have happened respectfully.

    SRK says, “I think it’s actually humiliating to me as a KKR owner that this has happened.We are known to invite everyone. We should have. If there were any issues, they should have been put on board earlier. Everything can happen respectfully.”

    “I am not giving an excuse and I truly believe Pakistani players are the best T20 players in the world. They are the champions. They are wonderful. But somewhere down the line there is an issue and we cannot deny it. There is an issue, we cannot keep saying ‘Oh this was wrong’. Yes maybe the way it was done was wrong, the way it is being carried out may be wrong. But you can’t keep on saying ‘Koi issue nahi hai yaar, woh aa jate’ (There isn’t any issue, they could have come). There is an issue lets not deny it. Every day we blame Pakistan, everyday they blame us, it is an issue.”

    SRK adds, “I truly believe that they should have been chosen. As a matter of fact, I’m not going to be the one who is opposite from what everyone else is saying but I wanted Abdul Razzaq. I think it was in the newspapers much earlier than even the auction started. Dada (Sourav Ganguly) was very keen,”

Agree with SRK?

Saif and Kareena togather.

Arjun Rampal won his first ever National Award few days ago for his performance in Rock On and he celebrated the award by throwing a big bash for his friends in Bollywood.

Arjun’s party was attended by sRK and family, Kareena-Saif, Preity Zinta,Katrina Kaif, Karisma Kapoor, Reitsh Deshmukh, Karan Johar and Farhan Khan.

Katrina Will Marry 2012.

Katrina Kaif believes that she will settle down and get married in the year 2012. Katrina is also not looking out for a new home because just after two years she will be shifting to her husband’s home.

    Katrina says, “I’ll get married and go to my husband’s home. Why put in so much money into a new home when I have a perfectly comfortable one at the moment?”

When Katrina was asked about her groom, she did not react. Well Katrina’s marriage is only two years away.:)

S.K Says My Name is Chand.

Well this is what SRK saying after a Lunar crater in the Sea of Tranquility was named after him.

    Reacting to the news SRK says, “It’s absolutely thrilling and humbling at the same time. “I am in a small way doing good service for my country. The fact that my name is chosen is because the world is looking at India and I happen to be a part of this wonderful land of opportunity.”

    SRK talking about the honor says, “I came to Mumbai with stars in my eyes and Allah has granted me all and more. I am so happy that through the opportunity given to me by my fans, audience and the media platforms that I work with… So thanks to all those who suggested my name and to everyone who has made films with me. My kids are very excited and I know my parents would have been very proud. I’m already telling Karan to launch the next film calledMy Name Is Chand.”

SRK is over the moon to join the likes of Christopher Columbus, Issac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Julius Caesar and others.

Monday, January 18, 2010

After Kaminey, Priyanka has a Unique Chemistry with Bhardwaj.

Priyanka Chopra, as we all well know by now, is very keen to be part of Rohan Sippy's film. Rohan who had earlier worked with Priyanka in Bluffmaster was also keen to cast her in his Goan drug-busting film. Sippy wanted to cast Priyanka in a powerful role opposite the Southern star Rana Daggubati.

The earlier plan was to cast Priyanka opposite Abhishek. But now a new girl will be paired with Abhishek while Priyanka was seriously considered opposite Daggubati.

Says a source, "Unfortunately the dates on which Priyanka was required for Rohan's film clashed with Vishal Bhardwaj's film."

After Kaminey, Priyanka has a unique chemistry with Bhardwaj. In Vishal's Ek Bataa Saat (which means '1 into 7') she plays a woman with seven husbands, a big challenge for the actress.

Says a source, "There was no way Priyanka could let go of Vishal's Ek Bataa Saat. So she regretfully opted out of Rohan's film."

Now Rohan says he would probably have to cast newcomers opposite both Abhishek and Rana Daggubati.

Akshay Kumar 'Machismo'.

Bollywood is all about synonyms. While Aamir Khan is synonymous with Perfection, Salman Khan is synonymous with brawn and generosity, the one word (which says it all) synonymous for the 'Smooth Operator' Akshay Kumar 'Machismo'. One has to give it to Akshay Kumar when it comes to 'Machoism'.

Be it the silver screen or the product endorsement arena, Akshay Kumar has handled both with equal ease. After having endorsed a million products like Levis, Thums Up etc..., the latest one in his kitty of endorsements is 'Dollar banian'. According to Bollywood Hungama's confirmed sources, "Keeping the said brand's positioning and image in the market, Akshay Kumar was an obvious choice".

Repeated attempts to contact Akshay Kumar proved futile.

Salman Khan Promote his Upcoming Movie "Veer".

Bollywood star Salman Khan is leaving no stone unturned to promote his upcoming period drama "Veer" that releases Friday, even if it means participating in a race with top jockeys.

Clad in a black t-shirt, blue jeans and donning a yellow helmet, the 44-year-old raced with six jockeys at the Mahalakshmi race course Sunday, winning the event and being awarded a trophy.

"I was a bit nervous (before the race). If I'd have lost, people would have thought Salman lost the race and if I'd have won then they would have said that he had to win because he is a star," Salman told reporters here after the race.

"But I'd like to clarify that it was not a set-up and was a genuine race. I gave my best along with the jockeys and so did they," he added.

The epic has been produced by Vijay Galani and Sunil A. Lulla. It has been written by Salman.

It also marks the big screen debut of Zarine Khan in the female lead. Mithun Chakraborty, Sohail Khan and Jackie Shroff also play pivotal roles in the movie.

Amitabh Bachchan Won The Award For The Movie "Paa".

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has bagged the Reader's Choice best actor award for the movie "Paa" while Kareena Kapoor was adjudged best actress for "Kurbaan" at the seventh Stardust Awards here.

Rajkumar Hirani's well-made "3 Idiots" got the Reader's Choice best film of the year award even as Imtiyaz Ali bagged the Reader's Choice best director award at the star-studded ceremony Sunday evening.

Rohit Shetty bagged the Stardust Editor's Choice award for best director for his movie "All The Best". The best actor and best actress awards in the same category were given to Shahid Kapoor for "Kaminey" and Kareena Kapoor for "Kurbaan", respectively.

While "Wanted" bagged the best film in action thriller category, "All The Best" was adjudged the best comedy film.

Another special award, Superstar of tomorrow (male), went to Ranbir Kapoor for "Wake Up Sid" and "Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani", while Superstar of tomorrow (female) was grabbed by Mugdha Godse for "Jail". The hottest new filmmaker award went to Ayan Mukherjee for "Wake up Sid".

The new musical sensational (female) award went to Kavitha Seth for "Iktara" from "Wake up Sid" and the award for new musical sensational (male) went to Suraj Jagan for "Give me some sunshine" ("3idiots").

Piyush Mishra won the Stardust performance by a music director award for "Gulaal", while Subrat Sinha won the Stardust performance by a lyricist for "Radio".

Rekha was honoured with Stardust Editor's Choice Icon of the Industry award at the ceremony.

Actors Katrina Kaif, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor sizzled on stage performing to some of their hit songs.


Obama appeared at a campaign rally in Boston for Democrat Martha Coakley, whose 30-point lead in the polls in December has vanished and who is now in a tight race with Republican Scott Brown before Tuesday's election.

Speaking to 1,500 supporters gathered in a basketball arena at Northeastern University, Obama ridiculed Brown for his populist campaign tactic of driving around Massachusetts in a pickup truck and attacked him for not supporting a bank bailout tax Obama proposed last week.

"We asked Martha's opponent, what's he going to do, and he decided to park his truck on Wall Street," Obama said. "Let me be clear: Bankers don't need another vote in the United States Senate. They've got plenty."

A victory by Brown would be a shock upset in the traditionally liberal New England state. At stake is the Senate seat held by the late Senator Edward Kennedy for 46 years, a fact that Coakley raised at the rally. "I need your help to follow in his huge footsteps," she said.

Aware that his healthcare push is generating some opposition in Massachusetts, Obama made little mention of his top domestic priority, choosing instead to emphasize Brown's opposition to the bank tax.

But the fact is that Obama's healthcare overhaul could be slowed if Brown wins since the Republican has vowed to vote against it.


By losing the Massachusetts seat, Democrats would lose their 60-vote supermajority, hampering their ability to cut off debate and proceed to a vote. They could resort to tactics to pass it by a simple majority, but that strong-arm route would carry some political risks.

"This is, in effect, a referendum on the national healthcare bill which the Democrats, in secret, are trying to work out now," Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell told Fox News Sunday.

A Brown victory would embolden Republicans hoping to reduce strong Democratic majorities in the U.S. Congress in November elections.

A year after taking office with high hopes, Obama has struggled to restore job growth to the U.S. economy and has pursued healthcare legislation that many Americans regard with suspicion.

Obama, whose one-year anniversary this week has been accompanied by less-than-stellar reviews of his job performance, asked for patience at a church service before a largely African-American congregation in Washington.

"There are times when progress seems too slow. There are times when the words that are spoken about me hurt. There are times when the barbs sting ... But let me tell you -- during those times it's faith that keeps me calm," he said.

Obama was unable to save Democrats from defeat last November in elections for governors of New Jersey and Virginia and has his work cut out for him in Massachusetts.

A Suffolk University poll last week that gave Brown a 50-46 percent lead over Coakley prompted the White House to accept her request for Obama to visit Boston and try to drive up voter turnout.

Charlie Cook's non-partisan Cook Political Report declared the race a toss-up with Brown holding a slight edge.

"Last minute Democratic attacks on Brown have driven his negatives up some and slightly diminished the incredible intensity of support that Brown enjoyed, but it looks more likely than not to hold," it said.

"The voters will decide who wins this race based on the issues -- not big-named endorsements from the Democrat political machine," said Brown spokeswoman Tarah Donoghue. "Scott Brown has run a positive campaign on the issues like jobs and the economy."


Analysts said news that Abu Dhabi had directly lent less than previously thought also indicated the wealthy emirate wanted more evidence of Dubai's fiscal probity, after helping it avert an embarrassing default on a state-linked bond.

A Dubai government spokeswoman said on Monday that the last minute lifeline on December 14, included $5 billion raised from Al Hilal Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi which had been announced on November 25.

Dubai rocked global markets that same day when it requested a standstill on $26 billion in debt linked to its flagship conglomerate Dubai World and its two main property developers, Nakheel and Limitless World.

"Obviously it's a lot less cash than we had assumed," said Raj Madha, an independent analyst based in Dubai. "The interesting thing is what it says about the behavior of Abu Dhabi: whether they are just rushing through a large amount of money or whether they are providing funding where required."

Five-year credit default swaps for Dubai stood at 426 basis points, up from 423 basis points on Friday.

The $5 billion raised from the two Abu Dhabi banks was part of a $20 billion bond programme announced early last year, and the UAE central bank had signed up for $10 billion of that in February.

But it had been unclear whether Abu Dhabi's $10 billion bailout on December 14 -- which enabled Dubai World to repay a $4.1 billion Islamic bond, or sukuk by developer Nakheel -- was entirely new money or included the bond to the Abu Dhabi banks.

The government spokeswoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Gulf Arab emirate had already drawn down $1 billion of the $5 billion from the banks, provided under a five-year bond priced at 4 percent, with the rest yet to be used.


Dubai World is in the midst of talks with its creditors to finalize a formal standstill agreement that would last for six months, during which the conglomerate will restructure its remaining debt burden, estimated at some $22 billion.

Uncertainty over the restructuring has weighed on UAE markets as investors fret about the outcome amid a dearth of information and lack of transparency.

The conglomerate said this month it is "some time away" from presenting its formal plan to creditors, though it is expected in coming weeks.

"Clearly there were critical time deadlines last year that required extraordinary measures," said Mashreq Capital Chief Executive Abdul Kadir Hussain, of Abu Dhabi's bailout.

"But whatever form is required, whether it's the federation or Abu Dhabi, what is critical now is a well-documented plan for repayment and ... a strategy that will show how all of this will be taken care of."

On Monday, the Financial Times said some creditors to the conglomerate are seeking to offload loans to reduce their exposure to the conglomerate.


Google, the world's most popular search engine, said last week it may pull out of the world's biggest Internet market by users after reporting it had been hit by a "sophisticated" cyber-attack on its network that resulted in theft of its intellectual property.

The sources, who are familiar with the situation, told Reuters that the attack, which targeted people who have access to specific parts of Google networks, may have been facilitated by people working in Google China's office.

"We're not commenting on rumor and speculation. This is an ongoing investigation, and we simply cannot comment on the details," a Google spokeswoman said.

Security analysts told Reuters the malicious software (malware) used in the Google attack was a modification of a Trojan called Hydraq. A Trojan is malware that, once inside a computer, allows someone unauthorized access. The sophistication in the attack was in knowing whom to attack, not the malware itself, the analysts said.

Local media, citing unnamed sources, reported that some Google China employees were denied access to internal networks after January 13, while some staff were put on leave and others transferred to different offices in Google's Asia Pacific operations. Google said it would not comment on its business operations.


Google, which has denied rumors that it has already decided to shut down its China offices, said on Monday it contacted the Chinese government last week after the announcement.

"We are going to have talks with them in the coming few days," Google said.

Google is also still in the process of scanning its internal networks since the cyber-attack in mid-December.

China has tried to play down Google's threat to leave, saying there are many ways to resolve the issue, but insisting all foreign companies, Google included, must abide by Chinese laws.

Washington said it was issuing a diplomatic note to China formally requesting an explanation for the attacks.

The Google issue risks becoming another irritant in China's relationship with the United States. Ties are already strained by arguments over the yuan currency's exchange rate, which U.S. critics say is unfairly low, trade protectionism and U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.

Washington has long been worried about Beijing's cyber-spying program. A congressional advisory panel said in November the Chinese government appeared increasingly to be penetrating U.S. computers to gather useful data for its military.


Sydney, Jan 18, 2010 (ABN Newswire) - US stocks fell on Friday led by financial sector as JPMorgan Chase reported heavy fourth-quarter losses on mortgage and credit card loans. Shares in Intel also declined despite it reported a biggest gross profit margin in its history, as investors grew fearful that the stock may be near its peak. For the week, Dow index fell 8.54 points, or 0.08%.

Major Asian markets ended mostly higher Friday. Technology stocks in the region were boosted after a better-than-expected earnings report from Intel. Japan's Nikkei was up 0.7%, South Korea's Kospi added 1.0%, and Taiwan's Taiex climbed 0.8%.

Company News

Mazda Motor Corp. (TYO:7261) is considering dissolving its partnership with Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F) for the joint production of cars in China by 2012 to meet the growing demand in the market, said sources. Mazda plans to withdraw from Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Co. in Chongqing, a joint venture of Mazda, Ford and a Chinese automaker. Ford and Changan will run the Chongqing plant while the three partners' Nanjing joint venture will be transformed to a joint company of Mazda and the Chinese automaker to boost Mazda's production in China.

Shiseido Co. (TYO:4911) plans to acquire U.S. make-up company Bare Escentuals Inc. (NASDAQ:BARE) for US$1.7 billion. After the acquisition Shiseido will become the fourth-biggest cosmetics company from number six in the world by sales. The company said it expects the acquisition to lift its U.S. sales to 14% from 8%, and its overall operating profit margin to 9.1% compared with the previous fiscal year's 7.2%.

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co (SHA:600019), China's largest steelmaker, said its 2009 net profit fell about 11 percent from a year earlier as turnover declined by more than a quarter. Baosteel's net profit was of 5.75 billion yuan, down from 6.46 billion yuan a year earlier. The company also said total sales fell 26 percent to in 2009, without citing reason for the decline.

CapitaCommercial Trust (SIN:C61U), a Singapore-based real estate investment trust, is close to selling one of its buildings in Singapore to a U.S.-based property fund manager for about S$200 million, said a Singapore media. The building contributed S$7.3 million in net property income to CapitaCommercial Trust in the financial year ended Dec. 31, 2008.

Canadian company SouthGobi Energy Resources Ltd.(CVE:SGQ), a unit of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.(TSE:IVN) (NYSE:IVN), has received Hong Kong listing approval for its planned US$300 million initial public offering, said sources. China's sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corp. is expected to take part in the IPO.

"A Wrinkle in Time," Won The John Newbery Medal For Best Children's Book.

NEW YORK – Rebecca Stead's "When You Reach Me" and Jerry Pinkney's "The Lion and the Mouse," two highly praised books for young people, have received the top prizes in children's literature.

Stead's intricate, time-traveling narrative set in 1970s Manhattan, which was inspired in part by Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time," won the John Newbery Medal for best children's book. The Randolph Caldecott prize for picture books was given to Pinkney's wordless telling of the classic Aesop fable.

The awards were announced Monday in Boston at the American Library Association's annual midwinter meeting.

The Newbery and Caldecott, both founded decades ago, bring prestige and the hope of higher sales to children's authors. Previous winners such as "A Wrinkle in Time" and Louis Sachar's "Holes" have become standards, but more recent picks have been criticized by librarians as being too difficult ("Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices From a Medieval Village," by Laura Amy Schlitz) or for having inappropriate content (Susan Patron's "The Higher Power of Lucky").

This year's winners were considered leading contenders.

Stead's book, the adventures of a sixth-grader named Miranda, was praised by The New York Times as a "taut novel," in which "every word, every sentence, has meaning and substance."

Elizabeth Bird of the School Library Journal called "When You Reach Me" among "the best children's books I have ever read" and cited Pinkney, a five-time runner-up for the Caldecott, for creating "wordless picture gold."

Julia Alvarez, known to adults for the best-selling "How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents," won the Pura Belpre Author Award, for best book by a Latino or Latina, for "Return to Sender." The Belpre prize for illustration was given to Rafael Lopez for "Book Fiesta!," written by Pat Mora.

Vauna Micheaux Nelson's "Bad News for Outlaws: The Remarkable Life of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal," won the Coretta Scott King award for best book by an African-American author. The King award for best illustrator went to Charles R. Smith Jr. for "My People," with text written by poet Langston Hughes.

Libba Bray's "Going Bovine" won the Michael L. Printz Award for young adult literature. Jim Murphy, whose tales of American history include "The Long Road to Gettysburg" and "A Young Patriot," received the Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in young adult books.

The 52-Year-Old Singer Stop Paying Taxes Over Bank Bonuses.

LONDON (Reuters) – British singer Billy Bragg has threatened to stop paying taxes, and called on others to follow suit, unless the government acts to limit bonuses paid by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

The 52-year-old singer, well known for his left-wing views and political activism, aims to tap public anger over "fat cat" bonuses at U.S. and British banks rescued with taxpayers' money during the financial crisis.

The huge bailouts have left the British government holding 84 percent of Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and 43 percent of Lloyds Banking Group.

"I understand that the Treasury had little choice but to use taxpayers' money to safeguard savings and stabilize and restore confidence in the financial system," Bragg wrote on his page on the Facebook social networking site.

"What I don't understand is why, now that we taxpayers are the majority shareholders of these banks, we seem totally powerless to curb their excessive bonus culture?"

He quoted reports estimating RBS will pay its investment bankers around 1.5 billion pounds ($2.5 billion) in bonuses next month.

At the same time, he added, Britain's main political parties are warning voters that national debt will mean tough cuts in public spending after the next general election.

"I believe that the government have their priorities wrong.

"I have written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister), Alistair Darling, to inform him that I am no longer prepared to fund the excessive bonuses of RBS investment bankers. Unless he acts to limit them to 25,000 pounds, I shall be withholding my tax payment on 31st January." In his Facebook campaign titled "NoBonus4RBS" he invited other British tax payers to do the same to exert pressure on the government to curb bonuses.

RBS has been forced to agree to slash payouts and hand the state a veto on its 2009 bonus pool, but the government has also said that going too far to restrict pay could dent the bank's ability to compete.

When asked about Bragg's initiative, a Treasury spokesman said: "We can reassure people there will not be a significant amount of taxpayers' cash going to bonuses at RBS."

'King Of The World" When That Film Sailed To Oscar Glory 12 Years Ago.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – James Cameron may get to proclaim himself king of the distant moon Pandora at the Academy Awards.

Cameron — who borrowed Leonardo DiCaprio's line from "Titanic" and declared himself "king of the world" when that film sailed to Oscar glory 12 years ago — positioned himself for a repeat with his Golden Globe wins Sunday for the sci-fi blockbuster "Avatar."

The tale of big, blue aliens in conflict with rapacious humans on Pandora earned the Globes for best drama and director, prizes that also preceded the Oscar run of "Titanic."

"This is a trip," said Cameron, recalling that as "Titanic" was becoming a box-office and Oscar juggernaut, he had thought to himself, "enjoy this ride, it ain't never going to happen again."

Yet "Avatar" has soared to a worldwide box office of $1.6 billion, second only to "Titanic" at $1.8 billion, and could end up surpassing his 1997 smash about the doomed luxury liner.

A key difference for Cameron's success this awards season is that he's doing it with a space fantasy, the sort of far-out tale that usually goes overlooked except for visual effects and other technical honors during Hollywood's prestige period.

"Hopefully, this is part of a trend of the acceptance of science fiction as a legitimate dramatic form of cinema," said Cameron, whose films include the sci-fi tales "Aliens," "The Abyss" and the first two "Terminator" movies.

Globe acting winners also firmed up their Oscar prospects, including dramatic-performance recipients Sandra Bullock for the football tale "The Blind Side" and Jeff Bridges for the country-music story "Crazy Heart."

The musical or comedy acting prizes went to Robert Downey Jr. for the crime romp "Sherlock Holmes" and Meryl Streep for the Julia Child tale "Julie & Julia." Supporting honors were presented to Mo'Nique for the Harlem drama "Precious: Based on the Novel `Push' By Sapphire" and Christoph Waltz for the World War II saga "Inglourious Basterds."

Like "Avatar," "Titanic" was a visual marvel, but it was an epic period drama, too, the kind of movie awards voters have embraced since the early days of the Oscars.

Peter Jackson achieved rare awards acceptance for fantasy adventures with his "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, though those films had a long and distinguished literary pedigree in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Cameron made everything up himself for "Avatar," a 22nd century story of interspecies romance set on Pandora, where intrusive humans are mining a priceless energy source, steam-rolling over the world's natives to do it.

Pandora's inhabitants, the 10-foot, blue-skinned Na'vi, fight back with help from a paralyzed human (Sam Worthington), whose mind is transferred to an "avatar" resembling the natives. In something of a "Dances With Avatars" story, he finds a mentor and romantic interest in a fierce Na'vi princess (Zoe Saldana).

"Thank you for believing in blue people," "Avatar" producer Jon Landau told the Globes crowd.

Assuming "Avatar" earns a best-picture nomination for the Oscars, it will have more company than usual. Oscars organizers have doubled the best-picture category to 10 nominees, aiming to bring a broader range of movies into the fold.

The Oscars often are dominated by small and sober dramas, but this time, blockbusters could hold sway in the top category. Along with "Avatar," potential nominees include two other sci-fi smashes, "Star Trek" and "District 9," the hit "Inglourious Basterds," and the animated blockbuster "Up."

Cameron said he was aiming only for a crowd-pleasing commercial success this time, not another awards contender.

"We have been down that road. It is a nightmare. You have to wear a tux all the time, and here we are again," Cameron said. "What the hell did we do?"

Maybe expand his Oscar kingdom to the cosmos.

Awards Ceremony Sunday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Blasted by DJs at multiple post-Golden Globe Awards parties, Madonna's '80s anthem "Holiday" set an upbeat tone for the night despite rain, economic woes and concern over the earthquake victims in Haiti.
Celebrities flocked to several soirees following the awards ceremony Sunday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Booze flowed, comfort food was served hot and steaming, and guests boogied until midnight.
"It's time for the good times/ Forget about the bad times, oh yeah," shouted attendees, singing along to "Holiday," at The Weinstein Co. party at Bar 210, formerly Trader Vic's.
Quentin Tarantino playfully swayed to the music, as Diane Kruger, one of the stars of his Globe-nominated World War II drama "Inglourious Basterds," stood nearby.
While the party's red carpet was a swath of sogginess, due to storms sweeping Southern California, the shindig itself was darkly lit and intimate inside. Silver vases of pink orchids decorated tables.
"It ain't rainin' in here!" shouted Tarantino. "I'm going to stay out late. We're going to have a good time. I've had a blast tonight, and the blast continues on. It ain't over yet."
Guests, including Marion Cotillard, Fergie and her hubby Josh Duhamel, feasted on vegetable rolls with peanut sauce, beef skewers and coconut covered crab, and sipped on martinis flavored with apple juice.
"Inglourious Basterds" co-star and horror film director Eli Roth had his own take on partying, including the reason for being unsteady on his feet at 9:20 p.m.
"They didn't feed us at the Golden Globes, and Harvey Weinstein was drinking all the champagne, so it's very difficult," said Roth, pointing mischievously at the famed studio head as he strode by. "By the time the awards were happening, we were really kind of loaded."
Christoph Waltz, who played a ruthless Nazi colonel in the movie, grinned and clutched his supporting-actor Globe trophy for the part as he navigated the crowd, following a stream of friends out of the party.
"We're staying in the building," Waltz joked about which bash to attend next.
At the annual roof party hosted by NBC, Universal Pictures and Focus Features, a DJ spun disco and funk tunes as guests shimmied. Glittering disco balls of varying shapes hung from the ceiling.
The mostly industry crowd chomped on modest fare, from slices of pizza to ravioli, pasta and salad. Director George Lucas obligingly took photos with fans before telling his family, "Let's move on."
Downstairs, HBO's annual bash at Circa 55 restaurant was swamped soon after the awards ceremony ended. Stars from "Big Love" and "Entourage" piled their plates with whitefish, potatoes stuffed with cheese and roasted vegetables. Metal sunburst chandeliers lent a '60s vibe.
This year, the patio's lavish outside pool was covered to make way for more than a dozen tables decorated with beautiful bronze sequin-covered tablecloths. Unfortunately, the rain drove everyone inside.
Jeremy Piven chatted up Globe host Ricky Gervais at a secluded table. Woody Harrelson, wearing a jaunty newsboy cap, ate standing up. Bill Paxton entered the party holding his young daughter's hand.
Giddy in a tight cluster by the bar with co-stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny sipped champagne and accepted congratulations for her supporting actress honor for HBO's "Big Love." The trio, who play wives to Paxton's character on the show, laughed and took pictures on Tripplehorn's iPhone.
Warner Bros.' bash with In Style magazine at the hotel's Oasis courtyard drew the youngest, hippest crowd, and lasted later than the other parties. It was also the only one to directly address the Haiti crisis.
Buckets of blue ribbons stenciled with "Haiti will not be forsaken" sat at tables next to the red carpet. Gabourey Sidibe, star of "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire," was one of many wearing a ribbon bringing attention the humanitarian effort in the earthquake-ravaged country.
The bash also downsized its entertainment this year, replacing its usual multimember cover band with a lone DJ spinning catchy, thumping tunes by Lady Gaga, Prince and Michael Jackson. Guests included Courtney Cox, Heidi Klum and Seal. Lindsay Lohan, surrounded by a large entourage, wore a sparkling hooded mini dress.
The youthful cast of Fox's new musical TV comedy "Glee" had an especially gleeful time, taking to the dancefloor to celebrate a win for best TV musical or comedy.
"We've always been the little show that could. The fact that all this has happened and we haven't even done a whole season. It's pretty crazy," said the show's Matthew Morrison, enjoying his first time at the Globes.
At the end of the night, "Avatar" co-star Joel Moore reflected on the glitz and glam of Hollywood parties compared to world events.
"This is a celebration of us, but this doesn't matter," he said. "It matters for what we've accomplished in the movie world, but it doesn't matter for what's in the bigger picture, for the fifties or hundreds of thousands of people who have died recently."

Friday, January 15, 2010

Special Moves of Salman Khan New Movie Wanted 2009.

Watch Bollywoods explosive relationships Just in One Clip.

Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor togather in Ad.

Saif Ali Khan talks about Kareena Kapoor's. Specail Talkes


BANGKOK – Intel's earnings boosted technology stocks Friday but broader gains in world markets were tempered amid patchy figures on the U.S. economy.

Japan's Nikkei index flickered between red and green before ending higher while most other markets in Asia and Europe rose modestly. The dollar charged higher against the euro, sending the oil price below $79 a barrel.

Giving a lift to technology stocks was results from Intel that confirmed things were looking up for the No. 1 maker of computer microprocessors. Its fourth quarter income, revenues and profit margins all came in well ahead of expectations and the company's forecasts were rosy.

But caution prevailed overall with weak reports on retail sales and initial unemployment claims in the U.S. adding to the nervousness about slower growth in China after it announced curbs on the lavish lending that has fueled the country's economic recovery.

As trading got started in Europe, benchmarks in Britain, Germany and France were higher by up to 0.6 percent. Futures augured modest losses Friday on Wall Street. S&P futures were off 1.6 points, or 0.1 percent, at 1,143.60.

In Asia, Japan's Nikkei 225 stock average advanced 74.42 points, or 0.7 percent, to 10,982.10 in choppy trading.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng slipped 62.79, or 0.3 percent, to 21,654.16 amid news that Beijing has dropped a plan to let mainland Chinese buy shares listed in the territory.

South Korea's Kospi advanced 1 percent to 1,701.80 and Taiwan's benchmark added 0.8 percent. Elsewhere, Australia's market was marginally higher, India's Sensex rose 0.1 percent, and Indonesia's benchmark was up 0.3 percent.

Technology stocks across Asia posted gains. Hynix Semiconductor jumped 2.6 percent in Seoul, Foxconn International — a leading contract gadget maker for Apple, Motorola and other major tech firms — surged 6.4 percent in Hong Kong and memory chip maker Elpida added 1.5 percent in Tokyo.

In the U.S. on Thursday, the Dow rose 29.78, or 0.3 percent, to 10,710.55, its highest close since Oct. 1, 2008. The broader Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 2.78, or 0.2 percent, to 1,148.46, and the Nasdaq composite index rose 8.84, or 0.4 percent, to 2,316.74.

Oil prices slid below $79 a barrel in Asia amid a strengthening U.S. dollar and weak crude demand from developed countries.

Benchmark crude for February delivery was down 52 cents at $78.87 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. On Thursday, the contract fell 26 cents to settle at $79.39.

In currencies, the euro fell to $1.4402 from $1.4500. The dollar fell to 90.77 yen from 91.19.


SHANGHAI (AP) -- U.S. lawmakers urged China to tackle currency reforms, among other rankling trade issues, in talks with their Chinese counterparts that also included such contentious areas as Taiwan and Iran's nuclear program, Sen. Patty Murray said Friday.

Murray, a Washington state Democrat, warned Chinese lawmakers in interparliamentary talks that members of Congress face strong pressure to look after their constituents, especially given the weakness of the U.S. recovery so far.

"Helping grow our economy again and getting those jobs back and getting the economic security we once had, we have to have open, fair and good trade with countries like China," Murray said, following a visit to Beijing and Shanghai.

Murray, who attended the talks with fellow senators Roland Burris, a Democrat from Illinois, and Kit Bond, a Republican from Missouri, said she did not expect punitive legislation proposed by some U.S. lawmakers to be enacted in the near future.

Critics of China's currency policies contend that Beijing keeps the Chinese yuan undervalued, giving its exports a price advantage and adding to the country's massive trade surpluses.

"The currency issues are legitimate," Murray said.

"They need to deal with that or they will see a growing focus in the United States for legislation that would be difficult for both of us to deal with," she said.

Murray said the talks also touched on North Korea and Iran, where Beijing has played a mediating role.

The U.S. side also spoke out against a new Chinese government purchasing plan that gives priority to goods that use Chinese intellectual property, a business worth tens of billions of dollars, Murray said. That plan requires sellers of high-tech products to have them accredited based on "indigenous innovation."

"Policies like that that are spelled out that way and become barriers to them will mean that the Chinese themselves won't get access to very important innovation and job creation," she said.

"They were defensive," Murray said of the Chinese response. "I'm not surprised about that. I also know that if you don't bring it up and say this is important to us then there won't be any changes and they won't recognize that."

But the sharpest area of disagreement was over Taiwan, she said.

Beijing has blasted Washington's approval of a $6.5 billion arms package for Taiwan, a self-governing island democracy that China considers its own territory, that includes helicopters, PAC-3 air defense missiles, and a possible design study for building submarines.

A Chinese missile test on Monday is already being interpreted as a deliberate show of anger over the sale, according to analysts.

While past talks tended to be more reserved, younger Chinese lawmakers seem more "passionate," Murray said.

All understood, she said, that "there are core issues in China and core issues in the United States that we will always disagree on."

Aamir Khan hits the Top Bollywood News List Once Again.

Aamir Khan hits the Top Bollywood News list once again with his promotional activities of his latest movie 3 Idiots. Its reported that recently Aamir Khan had to visit a visit to a doctor in the middle of the night after falling sick.

According to a report, The 44-year-old actor was travelling from Ahmedabad to Jaipur by road when he complained of having fever and had decided to visit a nearby doctor in Jaipur at around 3am.

“Aamir Khan came to me with a running temperature suffering from viral and a sore throat. He stayed for 30 minutes, when we discussed a bit about his movies. It was a treat to me and my wife finding Aamir Khan infront of us.” said Dr Punit Saxena, Associate Professor at the Sawai Man Singh Hospital.

The Medicine was administered to Aamir and Saxena said, “We tried to wake up our kids to meet the bollywood actor but they did not believe us.”

Before his departure, Bollywood Aamir Khan left a letter of appreciation for the doctor and a gold ring for treating him.

“I feel sorry for disturbing you in the middle of the night. Thanks for your help and kindly accept the ring as a token of appreciation and friendship,” Aamir wrote in the letter.

The doctor advised Aamir to rest for three days but he left to an undisclosed location. However, the actor invited the doctor and his family for the premier of 3 Idiots in Mumbai.

Aamir, is on a seven city tour to promote the film and has already made visits to Varanasi, Kolkata and Palanpur in Gujarat.

Deepika Padukone was questioned with All.

Deepika Padukone has recently candidly revealed the truth that she loves buying lingerie in an exclusive interview which she gave to the popular Cosomopolitan Magazine’s 13th Anniversary edition.

Deepika Padukone was questioned “With all this attention, what do we still not know about you?” Deepika Padukone gave spontaneous reply, “Hey I thought I’m an open book! :D Okay, here it goes: I love to cook; I’m a very competitive sports player — I get all hot and sweaty playing sports; I am a chocoholic; I love buying lingerie; and I love playing pranks on my friends!

Now you guys better know what to do, Start a store coz you never know when Bollywood Diva Deepika may come to your door to buy a piece.

Katrina Kaif impressed with Ranbir kapoor in Zoom TV Program.

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif , Who were Seen Together.

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, who were seen together in Namastey London, Welcome and Singh is Kinng, have teamed up again up in Priydarshan’s De Dana Dan.

The two are good friends even off the screen and are often sighted squabbling with each other. Recently, Katrina revealed something about the actor that not many people know of. ’Akshay loves his phone… he is on phone all the time. It is only when the shot is ready that he agrees to hang up.’

Akshay retaliates, ‘Katrina takes so much time to get ready that while she does so, I can can finish all my work and shoot for my bit.


TOKYO – Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido Co. said Friday it will buy San Francisco-based Bare Escentuals Inc. for $1.7 billion, acquiring a maker of trendy makeup brands and advancing the company's plan to boost its global presence.

Shiseido will offer to buy all outstanding shares of the company for $18.20 a share, which represents a 43 percent premium over Bare Escentuals' closing price on the Nasdaq Thursday. The transaction, Shiseido's biggest takeover deal, was unanimously approved by both boards of directors.

Bare Escentuals will operate as a separate division of Shiseido under its current leadership, Shiseido said. The 34-year-old company is known for its bareMinerals and Buxom cosmetic brands sold through U.S. department stores, specialty retailers and direct marketing.

"Together with Shiseido, we look forward to bringing our mineral-based beauty products to even more women worldwide," Bare Escentuals chief executive Leslie Blodgett said in a statement.

Shiseido is Japan's biggest cosmetics company with operations in more than 70 countries. It wants to expand its global reach, however, and is aiming to boost overseas sales to 50 percent of overall revenue by 2017.

By adding Bare Escentuals, Shiseido's overseas sales will rise to 42 percent of total sales from 38 percent, the Tokyo-based company said. Moreover, it adds a lineup of trendy brands popular among women in their 20s, 30s and 40s looking for more natural alternatives to traditional beauty products.

"This acquisition further enables Shiseido to move toward our goal of becoming a global player," said President Shinzo Maeda.

Bare Escentuals' business has climbed steadily over the last several years, with net income up 11 percent in 2008 to $98 million. Sales grew 9 percent to $556.2 million.

The company is the dominant U.S. player in the mineral foundation market, which is expected to expand worldwide in the coming years. Bare Escentuals will be able to tap lucrative Asian markets using Shiseido's well-established distribution networks in the region, Maeda told reporters in Tokyo.

Blodgett, who owns six percent of Bare Escentuals, will maintain a smaller stake in the company after selling 40 percent of her holdings to Shiseido. Its top shareholder, Berkshire Partners LLC, has agreed to sell its 16 percent stake to Shiseido.

Investors cheered the news in Tokyo. Shiseido shares rose 4 percent to 2,020 yen at the end of the morning session, beating the Nikkei 225 index's 0.2 percent decline.


BEIJING – China tried Friday to keep its censorship row with Google from damaging business confidence or ties with Washington, promising good conditions for foreign investors but giving no sign it might relax Internet controls.
U.S.-China trade and economic ties will not be affected by any Google Inc. decision to withdraw from China, said Commerce Ministry spokesman Yao Jian at a regular briefing. However, he insisted foreign companies must obey Chinese law.
"China will still strictly adopt a policy of openness and offer a good investment environment," Yao said. "We emphasize that foreign companies including Google should all follow international standards and respect local law and regulations and local culture and customs to shoulder social responsibility."
The loss of such a high-profile company would be an embarrassment to communist leaders, who want to make China a technology leader. But the ruling party sees control over information as critical to maintaining its monopoly on power.
U.S.-Chinese ties are periodically strained by disputes over trade, human rights and U.S. support for self-ruled Taiwan, claimed by Beijing as its own territory. But the two sides maintain dialogue in a series of forums and say they want constructive relations.
The White House applauded Google's announcement that it would stop censoring search results in China and might close its China-based site after hacking attacks on its Gmail e-mail service. But other companies appear unlikely to follow suit and challenge China's Internet controls.
Yao said the Commerce Ministry has received no formal notice that Google plans to leave China.
Some employees of Google's Beijing development center were at work Friday after the staff were given a day off following the announcement. Employees declined to talk to reporters.
Google engineers in Beijing were cut off from its internal development network based at company headquarters in Mountain View, California, said someone at another technology company who talked with Google employees. He spoke on condition he not be identified to avoid damaging relations with Google.
A Google spokeswoman, Jessica Powell, said by e-mail that it was "business as usual" on Friday at the Beijing office but declined to comment on possible curbs on computer access.
Google bought 200 tickets for idle employees to watch the movie "Avatar" on Friday, the newspaper Beijing Youth Daily said. The National Business Daily said some employees were moved to Google's Hong Kong office.
Google hopes it can persuade the Chinese government to agree to changes that would enable its China-based site to show uncensored search results. "We are optimists," Google spokesman Scott Rubin said Thursday.
Beijing requires Internet traffic to pass through government-controlled gateways that block access to material deemed subversive or pornographic. Google's China-based site excludes from its results any foreign Web sites to which access is blocked.
If a compromise isn't worked out within the next few weeks, the company intends to shut down and pull out of China. Rubin said Google hasn't set a deadline for breaking the impasse.
Google has been in touch with the Chinese government to alert officials about its plans, but Rubin didn't know whether the two sides have scheduled additional meetings yet.
Images from the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown on pro-democracy protests cropped up in's search results Thursday, leading some Web surfers to conclude Google had begun to defy censorship rules. But Rubin said is still censoring its results to comply with China's law and protect its employees there.
Google is prepared to abandon the Internet's biggest market because of computer-hacking attacks that pried into the e-mail accounts of human-rights activists protesting the Chinese government's policies.
The assault also hit at least 20 other publicly traded companies, according to Google. IDefense, the security arm of VeriSign Inc., issued a report saying the attacks hit at least 34 companies, including Google.
In a separate report Thursday, computer security experts McAfee Inc. said its investigation determined the hackers exploited a flaw in Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft confirmed the weakness in a Thursday advisory and said the security hole can be closed by setting the Internet zone security to "high." The company did not immediately issue a software fix, though.
Google traced the attacks on its computers to hackers in China, but so far hasn't directly tied the chicanery to the Chinese government or its agents. IDefense says its anonymous sources in the intelligence- and defense-contracting industries have determined the attacks originated from "a single foreign entity consisting either of agents of the Chinese state or proxies thereof."
The White House applauded Google for confronting China about its censorship after discovering the hacks.
"The United States has frequently made clear to the Chinese our views on the importance of unrestricted Internet use, as well as cybersecurity," White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said. "We continue (to) look to the Chinese for an explanation."
The State Department tried to get some answers Thursday. David Shear, a deputy assistant secretary of state who deals with China, met over lunch with a high-ranking representative of China's U.S. embassy. The Chinese ambassador to the United States is likely to be summoned to the State Department in the coming days, agency officials said.
One of the human-rights activists whose e-mail was hacked said she was notified of the intrusion on her account in a Jan. 7 call from David Drummond, Google's top lawyer. Tenzin Seldon, a Tibetan rights activist and sophomore at Stanford University, said she allowed her laptop to be inspected by Google's security experts, who found no viruses on the machine.
Seldon, 20, has a new Gmail password and a new hope for free speech in China now that Google is taking a stand against the Chinese government.

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