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Thursday, December 24, 2009

After 'Paa' Abhishek Bachchan Wants to Make 'Maa'

After the success of Abhishek Bachchan's latest movie, "Paa," in which he stars alongside his father Amitabh Bachchan, Abhi is planning on making a movie together with his mother, Jaya Bachchan and his wife, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan! Talk about a family affair!

"Most definitely, we are coming together. All four of us are completely for it. We need to sort out certain variables. The scripts that we had been given didn’t justify our collective presence. Each individual of the family has to be willing to be part of the film. All four of us are unique actors. It’s very difficult for any script to please collectively," Abhi told The Times of India.

And with such a good 2009, Abhishek is eager to get to work again soon, this time with his paa, maa and wife by his side!

"It has been a fantastic 2009. I started with "Delhi 6" and ended with "Paa." I have no reason to complain. I continue to get the opportunity to work with fantastic directors. I love working with new directors. I like to challenge myself as an actor. It would be terribly boring to be doing the same roles again. Now I am raring to take on the challenges in 2010."

Well we sure are excited about a movie starring the whole Bachchan family! How about you? Drop us a line.

Kareena Kapoor on the Cover of Vogue India

Hotness is in the house! Kareena Kapoor is gracing the December cover of Vogue India’s party special and she sure knows how to bring sexy back! Wearing a white Christian Dior dress from the Fall 09 Collection, Bebo lets her hair down and adds a sassy touch with an abundant amount of dark makeup around the eyes and black nail polish.

Maybe she is trying to channel a Goth look in honor of her role in the dark movie "Kurbaan," also starring her real life beau Saif Ali Khan. If her handsome boyfriend plays a cold-hearted terrorist in Karan Johar’s action flick, Kareena reveals that he "totally spoils me" in real life. Good for her!

The on-and-off screen couple are used to striking sexy poses on magazine covers. Last time we spotted the pretty pair they graced the cover of November’s Filmfare and dished on their love, sex and passion!

So check out a solo Kareena Kapoor on the cover of December’s Vogue India and tell us what you think; hot or not? Share your thoughts.

'New Moon' quiz: How well do you know your vamps?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon" is closing out its run in theaters and has pulled in $276 million here in the U.S., making it the fifth-highest grossing domestic release of 2009, and it has a chance to move higher on that list. Its worldwide total: $636 million. Now that the movie has been out for weeks, our "Twilight" experts Yvonne Villarreal and Denise Martin thought they would test your undead knowledge with a pop quiz.

Peter Fancelliand Kirsten Stewart

1. When Bella gets a paper cut while opening a birthday present at the Cullen's home, which vampire attempted to drink her blood?

A. Jasper

B. Edward

C. Count Chocula

D. Alice

2. When is Bella’s birthday?

A. Sept. 1

B. Sept. 5

C. Sept. 13

D. July 4

3. What was Charlie's birthday gift to Bella?

A. Car stereo

B. iPhone

C. Camera

D. Garlic and holy water

4. Why do the Cullens decide to move out of Forks?

A. To protect Bella

B. Change of scenery

C.They’re scared of Victoria

D. The Volturi are after them

Twilight romance

5. In the movie, how old does Edward say he is?

A. 18

B. 107

C. 108

D. 109

6. Edward leaves and takes the only photo of him in Bella’s scrapbook. When was that photo taken?

A. May 7

B. Sept. 13

C. Oct. 17

D. Dec. 25

7. What movie does Bella see with Jacob and Mike Newton?

A. "Face Punch"

B. "27 Dresses"

C. "Zombies Attack"

D. "Adventureland"

8. Why does Jacob keep away from Bella for two weeks after they see the movie?

A. He hated the movie

B. He just wasn't that into her

C. He is sick of her yearnings for Edward

D. He is a werewolf and is forbidden to see her

Werewolves don't like vampires

9. Which college football team is Charlie watching on TV while Bella is trying to call Jacob after his abrupt departure from the movie theater?

A. Texas Longhorns

B. Arizona Wildcats

C. Florida Gators

S. Ohio State Buckeyes

10. Why does Jacob first take off his shirt in the movie?

A. To wipe blood from Bella's head

B. He was going to work out

C. He was about to morph into a wolf

D. He was hot

Robert Pattinson 11. How does Edward plan on inciting the vampire royalty into killing him?

A. Biting a human

B. Showing his sparkly self by stepping into the sunlight

C. Attacking the guard

D. Tap dancing

12. How tall does Jacob get when he makes the transition into wolfhood?

A. 6 feet

B. 6 feet 5

C. 6 feet 9

D. 60 feet

13. What festival is going on in Volterra when Bella arrives to save Edward?

A. Saint Bernard Day Festival

B. Saint Lucien Day Festival

C. Saint Regina Day Festival

D. Saint Marcus Day Festival

14. What airline do Bella and Alice use to fly from Seattle to Italy?

A. Air Italia

B. Jet Blood

C. United

D. Virgin America

15. What are the names of the three leaders of the Volturi coven?

A. Carlisle, Caius, Aro

B. Marcus, Aro, Caius

C. Caius, Demetri, Emmett

D. Gucci, Versace, Dolce

Taylor Lautner as Jacob 16. What kind of car does Alice steal while she’s in Italy?

A. Yellow Ferrari

B. Red Ferrari

C. Yellow Porsche

D. Red Weinermobile

17. Here's one about the difference between "New Moon" on the page and "New Moon" on the screen: In "New Moon" the book (but NOT the movie) who does Bella write to about her meaningless life in Forks after Edward leaves?

A. Alice

B. Victoria

C. Renee

D. Abby

18. What color is Jacob's home on the Quileute reservation?

A. Green

B. Brown

C. Red

D. Pink

19. What Shakespeare play is quoted at the beginning of the book?

A. "Midsummer Night’s Dream"

B. "West Side Story"

C. "Hamlet"

D. "Romeo and Juliet"

ANSWERS: 1. A. Jasper 2. C. Sept. 13 3. C. Camera 4. A. To protect Bella 5. D. 109 6. B. Sept. 13 7. A. Face Punch 8. D. He is a werewolf and is forbidden to see her. 9. B. Arizona Wildcats 10. A. To wipe blood from Bella's head 11. B. Showing his sparkly self by stepping into the sunlight. 12. B. 6 feet 5 13. D. Saint Marcus Day Festival 14. D. Virgin America 15. B. Marcus, Aro, Caius 16. C. Yellow Porsche 17. C. Renee 18. C. Red 19. D. "Romeo and Juliet"

The Circuit: Awards and Festivals News

More stars at the awards than in heaven: Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Mickey Rourke have been announced as presenters at the 67th Annual Golden Globes ceremony on Jan. 17. The trio boosts the event's star quota considerably, which was already at orange alert level when Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio were announced as presenters for the Cecil B. DeMille Award to Martin Scorsese. Oh, and Ricky Gervais is hosting, and he certainly counts in the celeb department, too.

British singer Winehouse charged with assault

LONDON (Reuters) – British singer Amy Winehouse has been charged in connection with an assault on Saturday night at a theater in Milton Keynes, police said on Wednesday.

The Grammy-award winning singer voluntarily attended a police station in the Buckinghamshire town with her lawyer on Wednesday afternoon, police said in a statement.

Winehouse, 26, was charged under the name Amy Civil, with a public order offence and common assault.

The singer won five Grammy awards in 2008 and her album "Back to Black" sold more than 10 million copies. But her troubled private life, including a battle against drug addiction, has overshadowed her recording success.

In July, she ended her two-year marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil.

She is due to appear at Milton Keynes Magistrates' Court on January 20, 2010.

Redbox pulls grisly Brittany Murphy movie image

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Three days after Brittany Murphy passed out in her bathroom and later died, DVD rental chain Redbox said on Wednesday it was pulling a poster depicting the actress posing lifeless in a bathtub.

The poster promoted the direct-to-video horror film "Deadline," which Coinstar Inc-owned Redbox began carrying in its kiosks nationwide on December 1.

The company said it started removing the artwork following the death of the 32-year-old actress on Sunday, and planned to complete the job by January 1.

"To my knowledge, it was art that we had scheduled at all of our locations," said Laura Dihel, a spokeswoman for Redbox.

Murphy, better known for roles in such films as "Clueless" and "8 Mile," suffered cardiac arrest in the bathroom of her Hollywood Hills home, and was later pronounced dead at a hospital. An autopsy has been conducted, but the cause of death has been deferred pending toxicology and other reports.

She starred in "Deadline" as a screenwriter in a haunted house who uncovers a grim secret. Thora Birch co-starred in the First Look Studios release from writer/director Sean McConville.

Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins split after 23 years

LOS ANGELES – One of Hollywood's most enduring couples has separated.

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, partners for 23 years and parents of two sons, split up over the summer, publicist Teal Cannady said in a statement Wednesday. She did not elaborate.

Sarandon, 63, and Robbins, 51, met while shooting the 1988 film "Bull Durham." He played a hotshot pitcher, she was the passionate fan who simultaneously seduced him and prepared him for the big leagues.

Sarandon and Robbins never married. Instead, they have been compared to other longtime Hollywood pairs who remain committed despite never officially tying the knot, such as Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

Sarandon stars in "The Lovely Bones," opening worldwide next month. Robbins last appeared in 2008's "City of Ember."

Hollywood Gets Blue for "Avatar"

Los Angeles – They rolled out the blue carpet on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles as "Avatar" blew into town and took everyone's breath away.

Writer-director James Cameron returns to the big screen with a vengeance, 12 years after his last fiction film, "Titanic," swept the world's imagination and won him three Academy Awards. That 1997 film is still the biggest grossing movie of all time, both in the U.S. and the world beyond, so the question on everyone's lips at the celebrity packed premiere on Wednesday, Dec. 16, was, "Can he do it again?"

Certainly his stars believe that his science-fiction adventure parable "Avatar" is sure to blow the top off the box office. Sigourney Weaver, who starred in Cameron's "Aliens" so long ago, told reporters at an earlier press conference that he really is the "King of the World."

"Jim Cameron is the only one I know who understands that special effects are not for effect," Weaver said. "He uses them to enhance the emotional story and to make even sharper, in this case through 3-D, the sensory experience of the audience experiencing the story. And then he sublimates this incredible, revolutionary breakthrough in special effects to the actual work of the actors and the story of the relationships and the characters. I think is the true accomplishment of the movie."

Cameron has created a whole new world called Pandora, populated by gigantic blue people who live in close harmony with their environment until the humans show up. It's reportedly the most expensive movie ever made, ringing in at about $230 million, which explains why everyone who is anyone made the trip to Grauman's Chinese Theatre to see just what that much money will buy.

Cameron brought his wife, Suzy Amis, and his parents to the party, Weaver came with husband Bill Simpson, and the other "Avatar" stars brought the family, too. Giovanni Ribisi and his daughter Lucia joined Joel Moore and his parents, CCH Pounder and her husband, Stephen Lang and his wife, and leading man Sam Worthington brought his girlfriend, stylist Natalie Mark. Leading ladies Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez got busy signing autographs and greeting fans, while a stream of Hollywood's favorites headed into the packed theater.

Cuba Gooding, Jr., brought his boys, Jamie Lee Curtis brought her two children, and Bill Paxton had his son in tow, as did Virginia Madsen. Brendan Fraser came solo, Luke Wilson slipped in late, and Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman even brought their own candy to sustain them through the almost three-hour movie.

Cheryl Tiegs, Audrina Patridge, and Leona Lewis prettied up the blue carpet, and a slew of Hollywood's most famous directors came too, ready to check out what Cameron has created. From "Transformers" came Michael Bay, Bryan Singer of "X-Men" fame checked in, "Public Enemies" top dog Michael Mann turned up, and Cameron's ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow, of this year's acclaimed film "The Hurt Locker," even joined the fun.

The most common comment of the evening was a telling one. Heard over and over again, the consensus was that "Avatar" is an "incredible, amazing movie" and one that just may take on "Titanic" for the top spot. The film opens worldwide on Dec. 18.

The secret comic-book origin of "Sherlock Holmes"

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Before "Sherlock Holmes" was a movie opening on Christmas Day, it was a comic.

Sort of.

Lionel Wigram, one of the film's producers, wanted to do a modern retelling of the classic detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. "I wanted to present Sherlock Holmes not as fuddy duddy, 'Masterpiece Theatre' guy," said the British native.

Wigram came up with a story treatment but "realized that wasn't going to be enough." He decided to give his story some comic book pizazz to convey the atmosphere and the attitude. It's one thing to write that the new Holmes has a Bohemian or rock-and-roll attitude, as Wigram was going for, but it's another to show a piece of art that embodies it.

Wigram called DC Comics executive Gregory Noveck and asked him for assistance in finding an artist, and Noveck pointed him to John Watkiss, another Brit. Watkiss is a comic artist who's drawn for "Sandman," "Deadman" and "Savage Sword of Conan." He also worked on Disney's "Tarzan" and "Treasure Planet" movies.

Wigram used his own money, $5,000 of it, to have Watkiss draw up scenes. Wigram then bound them in a comic-book form and published a small number to pitch his take.

The final product is not exactly a comic book. There are no sequential panels or word balloons but rather beautiful, moody splash pages with occasional story notes along the borders.

Wigram showed the book to Warners exec Dan Lin (who later became a producer on the movie) and then to Warners' president Jeff Robinov, who ultimately gave the movie the go-ahead.

"What he drew was what I imagined, but better," said Wigram, who is surprised that more Hollywood types don't prepare these style of pamphlets when pitching ideas. "And if you compare Guy Ritchie's screen version to the images, there's a direct connection. Watkiss deserves a lot of credit and recognition for this."

There was talk of DC making a "Holmes" comic, maybe using the images, maybe not, but the movie project found itself fast-tracked and swept away once Ritchie and then Robert Downey Jr. came on board, and Wigram never had a chance to revisit the idea.

Steven Tyler in rehab for painkiller addiction

LOS ANGELES – Steven Tyler has entered a rehabilitation facility to treat an addiction to painkillers the Aerosmith frontman has taken to cope with 10 years of performance injuries.

Tyler said he's eager to return to work with his band mates.

"I love Aerosmith; I love performing as the lead singer in Aerosmith. I am grateful for all of the support and love I am receiving and am committed to getting things taken care of," the 61-year-old rocker said in a statement released Tuesday.

The band canceled a summer tour in August after Tyler fell off the stage during a performance in South Dakota and broke his left shoulder.

Dr. Brian McKeon, who is treating Tyler, said in a statement that orthopedic injuries over the past decade have left the singer with severe chronic pain that will require surgeries on his knees and feet.

Tyler checked into rehab last year to recover from several foot surgeries and physical therapy. Tyler said the procedures were to correct longtime foot injuries resulting from his physical performances with Aerosmith.

The singer for the blues-rock band was known for heavy drug and alcohol abuse in the 1970s and early 1980s, but completed rehabilitation in 1986, after which Aerosmith enjoyed a successful revival.

Amy Winehouse charged in alleged theater assault

LONDON – Singer Amy Winehouse was charged Wednesday in connection with an assault at a theater, police said.

The 26-year-old soul diva was arrested after she presented herself at a police station with her lawyer, Thames Valley Police said in a statement.

She was charged with a public order offense and common assault under the name Amy Civil, following a Saturday incident at Milton Keynes Theater, police said. Winehouse was granted a divorce from her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, in July.

She is free on bail and must appear in court on Jan. 20.

Police did not provide details on the incident, but British media have reported that the singer allegedly struggled with a member of the theater's staff after heckling at a performance.

Winehouse was acquitted earlier this year of assaulting a fan who asked to take her picture, after a judge said he could not be sure whether she lashed out at the woman deliberately. Prosecutors said Winehouse was drunk when she punched the woman in the eye, but the singer said she had merely acted to fend away an over-friendly fan.

Winehouse shot to international stardom with the Grammy-winning album "Back to Black" in 2006, but her music has been overshadowed by reports of drug use, run-ins with the law and a tempestuous marriage.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Take a Plunge in the World’s Largest Pool

World Largest Pool

Swimming is a great hobby and an excellent form of exercise. A 50-yard pool would already be great, especially if your aim is only to exercise and get rid of the kinks in your body. A hundred yard pool is already huge for my taste, especially if I’d be swimming alone. So what more with a pool that is over 1,000 yards long?! Yes, there is such pool now. This can be found in Chile. And because of its really huge size of over 1,000 yards long, 115ft deep end and a capacity of 66 million gallons of water, there is no doubt this seaside pool is the new record holder for Guinness Book as the biggest pool in the globe. The second biggest pool found in Morocco, named Orthlieb, looks like a dwarf compared to this since it only measures 150 yards in length and 100 yards in width.

The effort and funds used in coming up with a pool with this size is not a joke. The mind boggles at the £1billion used and £2million needed for its annual maintenance. As for the construction, it took 5 years to complete this world’s biggest pool! The company that designed and constructed the gigantic pool is Crystal Lagoons Corporation owned by biochemist Fernando Fischmann. This size of a pool is hard to maintain manually that is why everything is controlled via computer.

Take Your Time, Visit Cologne

cologne cathedral

Cologne – yup, when I read about this country I didn’t really know how to pronounce it. It is spelled like Eau de Cologne, so probably it’s pronounced in the same way as well. And I was right. So, Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany. If you live in this place or have traveled in this city, you’re very lucky because you’ve seen some of the most amazing sights in the world. If you’ve been to Cologne then you shouldn’t have missed the magnificent Cathedral and the Twelve Romanesque Churches. Mind you, you’ll get dizzy traipsing through 30 Museums and hundreds of galleries. But these are part of everything that Cologne has to offer.

Going to Cologne is surely a trip to remember especially if you get to witness some of the city’s top events. Some of the latest events that you will witness if you decide to visit at this time is Art Cologne where you can see amazing works of art. In the succeeding months there’s also the Christopher Street Day, Summerjam, Cologne Lights, Cologne Night of Music, Theater Night and a lot more. Anytime you visit would be a great to gain more insight about this amazing and historic city.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Cinco de Mayo

I think everyone living in the United States know about Cinco de Mayo. If you are a US citizen who does not know about this even, well, I guess that’s a real shame. Simply put, Cinco de Mayo is “5th of May”. This is a holiday that is celebrated by the whole region of Mexico. The main events are usually held in the state of Puebla. Some people who are not well-versed about Cinco de Mayo think that it is Mexico’s Independence Day celebration, but actually it is not. Cinco de Mayo memorializes the preliminary victory of the Mexican forces under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin over the French forces in the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by dishing out different kinds of food, lively music and dancing. Various events and celebrations draw attention to Mexican culture. When you hear the music being played and see the kinds of dances being performed, there’s no doubt that it is of Mexican origin.

And aside from the US and Mexico, there are also some other countries that hold events connected to Cinco de Mayo. If you go to Vancouver you can witness the Cinco de Mayo Skydiving event, or in the Caribbean you’ll see the air guitar competition.

Go on a White Continent Adventure


Need a breath of super cool air this summer? Why not go on a Cruise to Antarctica, the famed “White Continent”? The coolness of the air in this place will surely blow you away… but not in a bad way. The view is so breathtaking and so unlike any place you’ve been to. Some of you might think that it is a crazy idea. Well, Antarctica is just really for the spirited and the adventurous!

The period between November to March, which is summer time, is the most feasible time to take a visit to this place. This is the time you’ll experience the so called katabatic winds. Of course you’ll have to wear the appropriate clothing for this trek to the “White Continent”.

The wildlife in Antarctica is a feast to the senses. Seals, leopards, fur, crabeater, elephants and Weddell are some of the creatures your eyes will encounter. You’ll also different species of whales namely: orca, minke, and humpback. Penguins and different kinds of birds also abound. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars if you want to see a close-up view of different kinds of albatross, snow, pintado, skuas, sheathbills, Antarctic terns and a lot more.

Simple Luxury at Jake’s in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Jake’s in Treasure Beach

Are you up to a vacation like no other? How about a luxurious vacation near the sea with some not-so-typical luxury at your convenience? Can you survive without the bright lights that are so evident in huge hotels? If you’re ready for ad different kind of luxury by the sea, check out Jake's located in St. Elizabeth, Treasure Beach, Jamaica. When you go to this place you’ll behold simple comfort amidst nature. Accommodation at Jakes takes the form of individually designed cottages right by and in the sea.


If you judge the cottages by their appearance, you can’t help but exclaim to yourself, “It’s a shack!” Well, they are, but that’s the beauty of it and that is what makes them different from other resort hotels. And because they stand right in the sea, your privacy is assured. There are also some cottages that are made of concrete if you want them. You can swim in the sea or you can take a bath at the classic claw-footed bathtub right on your porch if you so desire. Jake’s will cater to your convenience and comfort because they offer soft pillows, hot water for your shower, massage, and packed picnics. Jake’s staff is friendly and they serve with a smiling face every time.

Paris: The Must-See City

Paris at night

Among the places in Europe, Paris is the most visited capital because of the superb attractions it offers. Most people associate Paris as the fashion capital of the world; however, there’s more to it than that. Paris is home to renowned tourist spots as well. Approximately 30 million tourists travel to this place that’s located along the River Seine. I’m sure that for most visitors, their first stop in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. This is the tallest and most recognizable structure in Paris, France standing at 325 meters, and antenna at 24 meters. Its height is equal to a building with 81 levels. In order to reach the top, one can buy a lift ticket or a stair ticket. With the stairs as choice, it’s going to be a challenging climb, but still a fun one at that!

Next stop could be the Louvre Museum which is home to world renowned paintings. This museum was also featured in the movie The Da Vinci Code making it even more popular. With over 30,000 paintings on display one day will not be enough to see them all. After the museum take a breather by seeing another iconic structure – the Notre Dame de Paris. Its Gothic structure is an epitome of French architecture. It’s even more breathtaking with night light.

Another spot that shouldn’t be missed in Paris is the Versailles Palace, Versailles Palace is very grand as what royal home should be. At present this is the only reminder of the lavish lifestyle during Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s reign.

Oman: An Oasis in the Desert


It may be unknown to a lot of people that Oman is one of the most beautiful places in the Arab land. This country is a mixture of desert and pristine coastlines. One can say that it is an oasis in the desert because of the huge palm trees that stand tall in almost all corners of the country. It is also accentuated by the beauty of the immense deserts and craggy hills. Those who have had the pleasure to travel in this part of the world can attest to the unspoiled natural beauty of the place.

The natural beauty of Oman can be experienced the moment you step off the plane because Oman’s airport is enclosed by remarkable jagged hills. Depending on the sights that you want to see, you can go to Muscat, the country’s capital, or to Salalah, Sur, Sohar Nizwa, Jebel Akhdar and many more. These towns have different charm that will make you want to explore them further.

Muscat for one has both the traditional and modern amenities. The Sultan’s palace alone will amaze you by its beauty. Likewise there are stunning beaches inviting you to take a dip. And if you have a need to indulge shopping, you can do so in Ruwi’s business district. Ancient cities on the other hand can be seen in Salalah. Now, if you want to be near the sea, Sur is the perfect place to visit since it is a fishing village. Jebel Akhdar or “The Green Mountain” is another must-see in Oman due to its numerous date palm groves, valleys and terraced villages unlike any place you’ve ever seen before.

Where the Brightest Light Shines: Cape Town

Cape Town Clifton Beach

Don’t you have this urge to just sit back and relax? Well, I do! Know where I’ll go if I were able to? It’s a magical place in South Africa…the place where the brightest light is said to shine - Cape Town. What’s not to love about this place?

It has both modern and traditional setting that’s just perfect for people who want the best of both worlds. South Africa’s “Mother City” is full of natural wonders like the Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, and Devil’s Peak if one wants to have a close communion with nature. There are also beaches, centuries old vineyards, and colonial mansions.

And should this desire or closeness with nature pass, there is the modern and lively social scene that you can easily join in. Cape Town is a city bustling with activities and things to do. There are great places to stay, eat, and buy souvenirs. Party goers will have great fun thanks to the city’s best clubs and bars.

Great festivals are yours to witness if you go at certain times of the year. Coming up in the last Saturday of January is the J&B Met, in March is Cape Town International Jazz Festival, and in April is Cape Town Festival.

The Magical City Dubai

The Magical City Dubai

Dubai is simply a magical city in the United Arab Emirates and you just cannot express its beauty. Words are not enough to show you Dubai's magic, once you're there you are lost with all the entertainment. Its very live at night and the atmosphere is incredible. It has festivals at different times of the year. Like in summer there's the summer surprises and the shopping festival and best of all, in my opinion is the global village. It combines all countries around the world together and each country is a a little village that gets the opportunity to show their culture and sell their things. People from all over the globe come and visit and that’s why the logo is "one world one family"...

Burj al Arab

There is also "The palm" which is an island that is shaped like a palm in the sea and you can buy houses there and it is known to be one of the eight wonders of the world. You can also visit Burj al Arab which is the world's tallest hotel and also Burj Dubai which is going to be the world's tallest tower. Apart from these facts Dubai has wonderful places to visit like Wild Wadi an incredible water park, al marsa which is an amazing place with coffee shops near the sea, mercato mall (also other malls with first-class shopping facilities) and many many more. Not to mention of course the beaches there and the best hotels like Burj al arab, Mina a'salam (which you might be familiar with from Miss Lebanon), Grand hyatt and many other luxurious hotels.

Dubai is such a breath-taking city, its impossible to describe it unless u see it and believe it yourself. It’s hard to predict how it will become in the future because it so full of surprises and new things happening that you don’t know what’s coming next. I love it so much and im so thankful to be living there and wouldn't trade the world for it. I'm proud of my country the UAE and having Dubai in it and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Visit Dubai and it will greet you with a warm smile.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2009


global villageTransforming Dubai to a dream world thriving with activities like great bargains, sales, raffles, drawings, promotions, concerts and performances, carnivals and games Dubai Shopping Festival captures millions of visitor's and shopper's hearts.

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2009 will take place from January 15 to February 15, best time of the year for shopping enthusiastic to visit and enjoy the sprawling event.

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) was started in 1996 by the government to promote retail trade in the city, and has since grown into the foremost shopping event in the world, an annual extravaganza of shopping and entertainment that promotes tourism and attracts millions of people from around the world to Dubai every year. The city is already known as a shopping paradise, but for a whole month thousands of retail outlets offer further specials, with hotels, travel companies and airlines also extending special discounts to visitors during this period.

global villageBesides the shopping malls and souks, one of the most popular shopping spots is the Carpet Oasis, showcasing thousands of exclusive carpets from around the world. Other events include nightly fireworks, laser/light shows, international fashion shows, street performances, music concerts and many cultural events. Daily raffle draws offer very attractive prizes of money, gold, cars and 4x4s.

The venues include shopping centres and malls in various parts of the city and there is also a Global Village with pavilions offering products from retailers and manufacturers from around the world. So let's plan your next trip to Dubai coinciding with this mega event.

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