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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oman: An Oasis in the Desert


It may be unknown to a lot of people that Oman is one of the most beautiful places in the Arab land. This country is a mixture of desert and pristine coastlines. One can say that it is an oasis in the desert because of the huge palm trees that stand tall in almost all corners of the country. It is also accentuated by the beauty of the immense deserts and craggy hills. Those who have had the pleasure to travel in this part of the world can attest to the unspoiled natural beauty of the place.

The natural beauty of Oman can be experienced the moment you step off the plane because Oman’s airport is enclosed by remarkable jagged hills. Depending on the sights that you want to see, you can go to Muscat, the country’s capital, or to Salalah, Sur, Sohar Nizwa, Jebel Akhdar and many more. These towns have different charm that will make you want to explore them further.

Muscat for one has both the traditional and modern amenities. The Sultan’s palace alone will amaze you by its beauty. Likewise there are stunning beaches inviting you to take a dip. And if you have a need to indulge shopping, you can do so in Ruwi’s business district. Ancient cities on the other hand can be seen in Salalah. Now, if you want to be near the sea, Sur is the perfect place to visit since it is a fishing village. Jebel Akhdar or “The Green Mountain” is another must-see in Oman due to its numerous date palm groves, valleys and terraced villages unlike any place you’ve ever seen before.


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