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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Magical City Dubai

The Magical City Dubai

Dubai is simply a magical city in the United Arab Emirates and you just cannot express its beauty. Words are not enough to show you Dubai's magic, once you're there you are lost with all the entertainment. Its very live at night and the atmosphere is incredible. It has festivals at different times of the year. Like in summer there's the summer surprises and the shopping festival and best of all, in my opinion is the global village. It combines all countries around the world together and each country is a a little village that gets the opportunity to show their culture and sell their things. People from all over the globe come and visit and that’s why the logo is "one world one family"...

Burj al Arab

There is also "The palm" which is an island that is shaped like a palm in the sea and you can buy houses there and it is known to be one of the eight wonders of the world. You can also visit Burj al Arab which is the world's tallest hotel and also Burj Dubai which is going to be the world's tallest tower. Apart from these facts Dubai has wonderful places to visit like Wild Wadi an incredible water park, al marsa which is an amazing place with coffee shops near the sea, mercato mall (also other malls with first-class shopping facilities) and many many more. Not to mention of course the beaches there and the best hotels like Burj al arab, Mina a'salam (which you might be familiar with from Miss Lebanon), Grand hyatt and many other luxurious hotels.

Dubai is such a breath-taking city, its impossible to describe it unless u see it and believe it yourself. It’s hard to predict how it will become in the future because it so full of surprises and new things happening that you don’t know what’s coming next. I love it so much and im so thankful to be living there and wouldn't trade the world for it. I'm proud of my country the UAE and having Dubai in it and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Visit Dubai and it will greet you with a warm smile.


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