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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Go on a White Continent Adventure


Need a breath of super cool air this summer? Why not go on a Cruise to Antarctica, the famed “White Continent”? The coolness of the air in this place will surely blow you away… but not in a bad way. The view is so breathtaking and so unlike any place you’ve been to. Some of you might think that it is a crazy idea. Well, Antarctica is just really for the spirited and the adventurous!

The period between November to March, which is summer time, is the most feasible time to take a visit to this place. This is the time you’ll experience the so called katabatic winds. Of course you’ll have to wear the appropriate clothing for this trek to the “White Continent”.

The wildlife in Antarctica is a feast to the senses. Seals, leopards, fur, crabeater, elephants and Weddell are some of the creatures your eyes will encounter. You’ll also different species of whales namely: orca, minke, and humpback. Penguins and different kinds of birds also abound. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars if you want to see a close-up view of different kinds of albatross, snow, pintado, skuas, sheathbills, Antarctic terns and a lot more.


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