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Thursday, December 24, 2009

'New Moon' quiz: How well do you know your vamps?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon" is closing out its run in theaters and has pulled in $276 million here in the U.S., making it the fifth-highest grossing domestic release of 2009, and it has a chance to move higher on that list. Its worldwide total: $636 million. Now that the movie has been out for weeks, our "Twilight" experts Yvonne Villarreal and Denise Martin thought they would test your undead knowledge with a pop quiz.

Peter Fancelliand Kirsten Stewart

1. When Bella gets a paper cut while opening a birthday present at the Cullen's home, which vampire attempted to drink her blood?

A. Jasper

B. Edward

C. Count Chocula

D. Alice

2. When is Bella’s birthday?

A. Sept. 1

B. Sept. 5

C. Sept. 13

D. July 4

3. What was Charlie's birthday gift to Bella?

A. Car stereo

B. iPhone

C. Camera

D. Garlic and holy water

4. Why do the Cullens decide to move out of Forks?

A. To protect Bella

B. Change of scenery

C.They’re scared of Victoria

D. The Volturi are after them

Twilight romance

5. In the movie, how old does Edward say he is?

A. 18

B. 107

C. 108

D. 109

6. Edward leaves and takes the only photo of him in Bella’s scrapbook. When was that photo taken?

A. May 7

B. Sept. 13

C. Oct. 17

D. Dec. 25

7. What movie does Bella see with Jacob and Mike Newton?

A. "Face Punch"

B. "27 Dresses"

C. "Zombies Attack"

D. "Adventureland"

8. Why does Jacob keep away from Bella for two weeks after they see the movie?

A. He hated the movie

B. He just wasn't that into her

C. He is sick of her yearnings for Edward

D. He is a werewolf and is forbidden to see her

Werewolves don't like vampires

9. Which college football team is Charlie watching on TV while Bella is trying to call Jacob after his abrupt departure from the movie theater?

A. Texas Longhorns

B. Arizona Wildcats

C. Florida Gators

S. Ohio State Buckeyes

10. Why does Jacob first take off his shirt in the movie?

A. To wipe blood from Bella's head

B. He was going to work out

C. He was about to morph into a wolf

D. He was hot

Robert Pattinson 11. How does Edward plan on inciting the vampire royalty into killing him?

A. Biting a human

B. Showing his sparkly self by stepping into the sunlight

C. Attacking the guard

D. Tap dancing

12. How tall does Jacob get when he makes the transition into wolfhood?

A. 6 feet

B. 6 feet 5

C. 6 feet 9

D. 60 feet

13. What festival is going on in Volterra when Bella arrives to save Edward?

A. Saint Bernard Day Festival

B. Saint Lucien Day Festival

C. Saint Regina Day Festival

D. Saint Marcus Day Festival

14. What airline do Bella and Alice use to fly from Seattle to Italy?

A. Air Italia

B. Jet Blood

C. United

D. Virgin America

15. What are the names of the three leaders of the Volturi coven?

A. Carlisle, Caius, Aro

B. Marcus, Aro, Caius

C. Caius, Demetri, Emmett

D. Gucci, Versace, Dolce

Taylor Lautner as Jacob 16. What kind of car does Alice steal while she’s in Italy?

A. Yellow Ferrari

B. Red Ferrari

C. Yellow Porsche

D. Red Weinermobile

17. Here's one about the difference between "New Moon" on the page and "New Moon" on the screen: In "New Moon" the book (but NOT the movie) who does Bella write to about her meaningless life in Forks after Edward leaves?

A. Alice

B. Victoria

C. Renee

D. Abby

18. What color is Jacob's home on the Quileute reservation?

A. Green

B. Brown

C. Red

D. Pink

19. What Shakespeare play is quoted at the beginning of the book?

A. "Midsummer Night’s Dream"

B. "West Side Story"

C. "Hamlet"

D. "Romeo and Juliet"

ANSWERS: 1. A. Jasper 2. C. Sept. 13 3. C. Camera 4. A. To protect Bella 5. D. 109 6. B. Sept. 13 7. A. Face Punch 8. D. He is a werewolf and is forbidden to see her. 9. B. Arizona Wildcats 10. A. To wipe blood from Bella's head 11. B. Showing his sparkly self by stepping into the sunlight. 12. B. 6 feet 5 13. D. Saint Marcus Day Festival 14. D. Virgin America 15. B. Marcus, Aro, Caius 16. C. Yellow Porsche 17. C. Renee 18. C. Red 19. D. "Romeo and Juliet"


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