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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Simple Luxury at Jake’s in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Jake’s in Treasure Beach

Are you up to a vacation like no other? How about a luxurious vacation near the sea with some not-so-typical luxury at your convenience? Can you survive without the bright lights that are so evident in huge hotels? If you’re ready for ad different kind of luxury by the sea, check out Jake's located in St. Elizabeth, Treasure Beach, Jamaica. When you go to this place you’ll behold simple comfort amidst nature. Accommodation at Jakes takes the form of individually designed cottages right by and in the sea.


If you judge the cottages by their appearance, you can’t help but exclaim to yourself, “It’s a shack!” Well, they are, but that’s the beauty of it and that is what makes them different from other resort hotels. And because they stand right in the sea, your privacy is assured. There are also some cottages that are made of concrete if you want them. You can swim in the sea or you can take a bath at the classic claw-footed bathtub right on your porch if you so desire. Jake’s will cater to your convenience and comfort because they offer soft pillows, hot water for your shower, massage, and packed picnics. Jake’s staff is friendly and they serve with a smiling face every time.


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