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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Take a Plunge in the World’s Largest Pool

World Largest Pool

Swimming is a great hobby and an excellent form of exercise. A 50-yard pool would already be great, especially if your aim is only to exercise and get rid of the kinks in your body. A hundred yard pool is already huge for my taste, especially if I’d be swimming alone. So what more with a pool that is over 1,000 yards long?! Yes, there is such pool now. This can be found in Chile. And because of its really huge size of over 1,000 yards long, 115ft deep end and a capacity of 66 million gallons of water, there is no doubt this seaside pool is the new record holder for Guinness Book as the biggest pool in the globe. The second biggest pool found in Morocco, named Orthlieb, looks like a dwarf compared to this since it only measures 150 yards in length and 100 yards in width.

The effort and funds used in coming up with a pool with this size is not a joke. The mind boggles at the £1billion used and £2million needed for its annual maintenance. As for the construction, it took 5 years to complete this world’s biggest pool! The company that designed and constructed the gigantic pool is Crystal Lagoons Corporation owned by biochemist Fernando Fischmann. This size of a pool is hard to maintain manually that is why everything is controlled via computer.


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