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Friday, January 15, 2010

Aamir Khan hits the Top Bollywood News List Once Again.

Aamir Khan hits the Top Bollywood News list once again with his promotional activities of his latest movie 3 Idiots. Its reported that recently Aamir Khan had to visit a visit to a doctor in the middle of the night after falling sick.

According to a report, The 44-year-old actor was travelling from Ahmedabad to Jaipur by road when he complained of having fever and had decided to visit a nearby doctor in Jaipur at around 3am.

“Aamir Khan came to me with a running temperature suffering from viral and a sore throat. He stayed for 30 minutes, when we discussed a bit about his movies. It was a treat to me and my wife finding Aamir Khan infront of us.” said Dr Punit Saxena, Associate Professor at the Sawai Man Singh Hospital.

The Medicine was administered to Aamir and Saxena said, “We tried to wake up our kids to meet the bollywood actor but they did not believe us.”

Before his departure, Bollywood Aamir Khan left a letter of appreciation for the doctor and a gold ring for treating him.

“I feel sorry for disturbing you in the middle of the night. Thanks for your help and kindly accept the ring as a token of appreciation and friendship,” Aamir wrote in the letter.

The doctor advised Aamir to rest for three days but he left to an undisclosed location. However, the actor invited the doctor and his family for the premier of 3 Idiots in Mumbai.

Aamir, is on a seven city tour to promote the film and has already made visits to Varanasi, Kolkata and Palanpur in Gujarat.


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