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Monday, November 16, 2009

Kareena Kapoor was gifted sari for seeing her bold bare-back in 'Kurban'

Kareena Kapoor was gifted sari for seeing her bold bare-back in 'Kurban'

Shiv Sena had expressed their anger over a poster of the film Kurbaan where, bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has bare back shots in her upcoming film.Shiv Sena who recently targeted Kareena Kapoor and said that if the political party does send her a sari "it better be a beautiful one".

Vibhagpramukh Jitendra Janawale had said, "We will soon visit Kareena's residence and present her a sari." The party's women members even tied a sari around the poster of Kareena, who is shown holding a bare-chested Saif Ali Khan. Reacting to the claim that the posters are vulgar, the actress said, "I do not find anything wrong with the poster. I think it is very aesthetic."

She added that she is yet to receive the sari. The Sena deputy chief in Andheri, however, refuted this suggesting that Kareena check with her mother. "We have already sent a sari to Kareena's mother, at her residence in Khar," Jitender Janawale, told DNA.

He added, "We have given her a saffron-coloured sari. In case she wants a few more, we are willing to send them to Kareena she has to just inform us."


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