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Friday, November 13, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan's Birthday gift is a land on the Moon.

Shah Rukh Khan's Birthday gift is a land on the Moon

Shah Rukh Khan has many fans around the world and naturally they gifted Shah Rukh Khan in occacations specially on his birthdays.But do you think a lady is purchaseing lands on Moon every year and gifted to Shah Rukh Khan Every year on his birthday.

Shah Rukh Khan confirms it is fack, "Yes, an Australian lady buys a little land on the moon for me every year on my birthday. She has been buying it for a while now and I get these certificates from the Lunar Republic Society."

Shah Rukh Khan adds that he has met his fan and she keeps in touch with him all year through mails, "She writes me colourful emails (in the sense one line is red, one is blue and so on). I feel blessed to have the love of so many people worldwide.


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