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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Corporate entertainment

class="corporateinfo">One of the most effective ways of closing that big deal with a big client is to take their staff out for a day. So don't risk your deal, contact us for a unique and totally memorable corporate event. For a deal-clinching event, contact us now.

Conference break activities can be used to revitalise tired delegates during your conference, as an icebreaker prior to the start of your conference or as a memorable ending. Activities can be arranged to suit any timeslot from 30 mins upwards.

A multi-day conference takes a lot of concentration so why not break it up with a half a day of team challenges, either indoors or out? Let the delegates work together to solve 3 dimensional problems such as breakout or focus on cracking a code to defuse a bomb.

Even a single day conference can make high demands on delegates so why not contact us to arrange an archery or clay pigeon shooting session at lunchtime or challenge them to make as much money as they can for their team in a casino? class="corporateinfo">
Freshen up, contact us now to discuss your need


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