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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review of Chance Pe Dance Movie.

You chance upon a crowded dance in a film as the end credit rolls. Here, director Ken Ghosh opens with a dance and also ends with another. Not a bad way to begin a dance film.

CHANCE PE DANCE gives you a funky, Hollywood feel as the two main characters; Shahid Kapur and Genelia D'Souza are introduced. Its breezy flow, a funky and cool Shahid and 'cute chemistry' between the two add to the bliss. However, Ken is not able to maintain the momentum throughout. What must be said to his credit, however, is that he keeps the feel of the film on beat; soft and mushy. Though the end is predictable, it leaves you with a feel-good message... "Never quit, success is round the corner."

KHOYA KHOYA CHAND, LUCK BY CHANCE and now CHANCE PE DANCE have one thing in common - the Bollywood struggle. It's like watching NEW YORK and then viewing KURBAAN. Mercifully, CHANCE PE DANCE has it fundamentals in place and does not make an ass of its script.

Shahid is a struggler from Delhi who has been making the rounds of auditions in Mumbai for over three years, waiting for that one, elusive break that will propel him to stardom. As usual, there are heartaches all along the way. He is signed on for a huge project and before shooting can begin; he realizes that big money has been pumped in by a corporate house, which want to make their hunt on for a star a national debate. The director (Mohnish Behl), who was so impressed by Shahid, can do nothing in front of the money he has seen. However, if Shahid wants to be the star, he can participate, which he refuses.

He bumps into Genelia D'Souza, a choreographer, at a previous audition and both hit it off. While Mohnish Behl has signed Genelia as a choreographer, for the said project, she opts out and then urges Shahid to participate.

Meanwhile, Shahid has been thrown out of his rented apartment because he has failed to pay his rent, while his friend turned out to be a parasite. He ends up living in his second-hand car and lands a job as a dance teacher in a school, where he incidentally, does all his 'morning duties' as well!

Shahid puts in a sincere and honest performance. Genelia, restrains herself, intently keeping her role under Shahid's shadow. A very mature move. This girl is slowly climbing the popularity charts.

For a dance movie though, the dances could have been more bombastic. Honestly, this is just about OK stuff. Nothing stunning or "WOW". All Ghosh had to do was take a Chance on Dance! He doesn't. Remember Flash Dance and Dirty Dancing? They all worked because of the super chemistry between the lead players and stunning dances. There could have been one, if not two between Shahid and Genelia. Their pairing is perfect.


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